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Buying Guides

Straight Ladder Towel Rails


With heated towel rails becoming an increasingly popular bathroom upgrade it can often be a little confusing as to what your best options are. In this guide we'll be outlining why you should consider purchasing a straight ladder towel rail above some of the other designs that are available.

Why would a straight ladder towel rail benefit me?

These heated towel rails are ideal if you want a more contemporary look for your bathroom as they feature stunning, minimalist designs that are perfect for modernising the general feel of their surroundings. Available finishes include chrome, white and anthracite so there's something to suit all tastes. Straight ladder towel rails are also ideal for smaller spaces such as guest bathrooms and en-suites as they feature profiles that won't take up too much room but they'll still emit a good level of heat.

Besides the points listed above, it's also well worth considering one of these fixtures if you're building a bathroom on a relatively tight budget as some of these towel rails are available for under £50!

Do I need to buy valves separately?

Radiator valves aren't normally supplied with our straight ladder towel rails so they'll need to be bought separately. Don't forget to order your valves when you've decided on what radiator you want - this will avoid any awkward moments when it comes to installation!

What exactly is BTU?

British Thermal Unit (BTU) is a rating system which shows how much heat a towel rail will produce. It measures how much energy is used in order to heat one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. As you might expect, the higher the BTU number is, the more heat a product will emit.