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Bathroom Furniture Buying Guide

Introduction to Bathroom Furniture

Optimising storage space in your bathroom can often be a challenge, particularly if you have a smaller, more restricted room to work with. But there are numerous solutions to your storage woes in the form of cabinets, vanity units and furniture packs. This guide will show you what your options are, and which one may be the best for you.

Ideal Storage Solutions

Hiding Clutter: Rather than cramming all your old accessories and bathroom products into a single draw or scattering them along the windowsill, storing them neatly away not only makes the room look much tidier, but furniture options also allow you to continue the style you have chosen. From vanity units to stand alone cabinets, adding furniture to your bathroom is a fantastic way to personalise its overall appearance, leaving you with a more unique space as a result.

What is included in a vanity unit?

A vanity unit will comprise of either an inset or semi recessed basin which is mounted on top of a storage unit. Each style can vary in size and shape, making it easier to find the ideal design for your bathroom.

Many vanity units will have shelves inside to allow for easier storage of bathroom necessities and smaller items. Depending on the size of the unit, some will have one drawer, while others may have several. There are also vanity units available which feature double basin placements, which are well suited to larger, busier bathrooms.

Do I have to assemble bathroom furniture myself?

The good news with vanity units is that normally you will not be required to assemble the item yourself as many of them come supplied rigid. Some other elements of bathroom storage, such as cabinets, may need some assembly however.

What styles are available?

Modern or Traditional: There are many designs available that cater to both modern bathrooms and more traditional tastes, from sleek, sharply styled units to ornate, period inspired offerings. Simply select the products that will fit in well with your chosen decor.

Freestanding and Wall Mounted Bathroom Furniture: Units and cabinets can be either freestanding or wall mounted depending on their build and where you wish to place them. With regards to the actual design of bathroom furniture, there is a vast array of options to choose from including deep wood finishes, and numerous colour choices.

Bathroom Furniture Packs: If you would like your bathroom to have a more harmonised appearance, furniture packs comprise of matching items. This means that your vanity unit, cabinet, and larger storage unit can all be effortlessly coordinated, creating a bespoke, personalised bathroom.

Mirrors And Cabinets: There are plenty of cabinets available which have mirrors incorporated into their design making them a useful bathroom item to use on a daily basis. Some of these products are quite compact, allowing for their placement into cloakrooms or en-suites, while others are larger, featuring good amounts of storage space inside thanks to shelving.

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