Trendy Ways to Tackle Towel Storage

By George

17th Jun 2019

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Sick of the sight of disorganised towels? Embarrassed to let visitors see those tired old ones you refuse to throw out?

Trendy Ways to Tackle Towel Storage

When it comes to bathroom mess, poor towel storage tends to be the main offender.

If you’re suffering, and aren't lucky enough to possess a big airing cupboard, we've got you covered. There are an abundance of unique bathroom towel storage options available, designed to suit all sorts of bathrooms. From traditional heated towel rails, to unconventional towel stackers, you’re certain to find a style to match your particular needs. We’ve put together a selection of our favourite towel storage accessories, all of which are certain to make your bathroom’s cottony clutter a thing of the past!

Toasty towel storage

Since the 80s, trendy heated towel rails have gradually become commonplace among Britain’s finest bathrooms. These clever devices offer compact, stylish towel storage with the added benefit of being able to keep towels warm and dry; cutting wash loads by allowing you to use the same towel a few times. Some of the more powerful units are also capable of doubling up as heaters, keeping your bathroom toasty during the colder months.

Bathroom accessories as spectacular as this Diamond Heated Towel Rail, are few and far between. Despite being a relatively tall unit at 1.6m, this will comfortably fit smaller bathrooms as it projects a mere 10cm from the wall. There’s space to tidy away up to four large bath towels, and with an output of 952 watts this should comfortably heat small to medium bathrooms. On top of this, the rail is finished in a matte anthracite coating giving it sharp, designer look. These matte finishes are massively on-trend, with matte black tapware and showers popping up in high-end bathrooms the world over. A perfect choice for those wanting to achieve that coveted luxury look. The Diamond is a bathroom towel storage solution that’ll remain functional and contemporary for years to come.

Simplify your towel storage with a towel ring

If you’re on a tighter budget with less space to spare, you can still add towel storage with a towel ring. These handy little bathroom accessories leave less of a footprint, require less installation work and look great in both traditional and modern bathrooms. Unfortunately, towel rings lack the heating capabilities of towel rails and can only fit a single towel. With this in mind, we suggest putting them to use in en suites, cloakrooms and smaller bathrooms.

This Tre Mercati Edge is one of our most popular towel rings. An elegant towel storage option that provides value for money, modern designer looks, and a sleek chrome plated finish. We particularly love the way it seamlessly blends curves with an angular bracket to create a truly contemporary, chic look. A simple yet elegant bathroom accessory, the Tre Mercati Edge will effortlessly elevate the overall style of any small bathroom.

The towel stacker: unconventional towel storage

Though you may not yet be familiar with them, towel stackers are the rising star when it comes to bathroom towel storage. Reminiscent of towel rails, stackers also allow you to handily store a number of towels in your bathroom. Towel stackers, however, do this in a far more aesthetically pleasing way. Towels are either tightly rolled or neatly folded, and then stacked vertically to give your bathroom a ‘recently-serviced luxury hotel’ vibe.

Our pick of the bunch is this striking number; the Bristan Complementary Towel Stacker. Authentic Victorian period design with capacity for five towels. This is an ideal option for those wanting to implement towel storage in a traditional bathroom. Crafted using solid brass and finished with polished chrome, the Bristan is supplied with a lengthy guarantee and all of the fixtures and fittings you’ll need to get it up on your wall. This stacker looks particularly pleasing when fully stocked with fresh towels, encouraging you to keep on top of that laundry!

Alternate bathroom accessories for towel storage?

If none of the above are floating your boat, you may be wondering what other options you have. While there are quirky bathroom accessories such as the Grohe Essentials Towel Bar, you may, in fact, already own the most simple and discreet towel storage tool. A spacious vanity unit.

If you have one, have a thorough tidy of your vanity unit and get rid of any old clutter (we’re always hoarding old hair products that just don’t work!). You’ll be surprised at how much space you can make. Dedicate a section within your unit to storing your towels. This is a particularly good opportunity to hide away any tatty old ones that you don’t want visitors to see. We recommend rolling them tightly and storing vertically to ensure you make the most of that precious storage space.

If you’re in the market for a vanity unit, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one as spacious as the Cove White 1200mm. With three drawers and two roomy cupboards you’ll have more than enough space for discreet bathroom towel storage as well as extra nooks for all of your personal hygiene products.

All sorted for towel storage but in need of other bathroom accessories? From shower curtains to toilets seats, check out our all-encompassing collection here.



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