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Arezzo Fluted Glass Brushed Brass Profile Wetroom...

Finance from £10.04/month
In Stock

Arezzo 900 x 1950 Square Matt Black Framed 8mm...

Finance from £6.78/month
In Stock
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Arezzo Fluted Glass Chrome Profile Wetroom Screen +...

Finance from £7.78/month
In Stock
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Arezzo Fluted Glass Matt Black Profile Wetroom...

Finance from £7.53/month
In Stock
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Hudson Reed Free Standing Wet Room Screen with...

Finance from £6.78/month
In Stock

Arezzo 800 x 1950 Square Matt Black Framed 8mm...

Finance from £6.53/month
In Stock
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Crosswater Design+ Matt Black Walk-In/Side Panel

Finance from £10.58/month
In Stock
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Merlyn Ionic Wetroom Panel

Finance from £9.41/month
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Merlyn 10 Series Wetroom Panel

Finance from £10.50/month
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Roman Liberty Black Clear Glass Wetroom Screen +...

Finance from £14.74/month
Due 08/06/22
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Mira Ascend Wetroom Divider Panel

Finance from £11.92/month
In Stock
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Buying Guide


If you've got the luxury of having a relatively spacious bathroom setting, then there's a fantastic way to make the most of that space; installing a wet room. In this guide we'll be looking at what wet rooms are and what they can offer you.

What actually is a wet room?

A wet room is a stunning alternative to a more conventional shower enclosure as it does away with the raised tray and doors. A sleeker, more refined look is achieved by having a flush fitting tray or even just floor tiles. A simple screen is placed to prevent splashes getting absolutely everywhere but other than that it's just a shower fixed to the wall. The flush finish this gives off is really smart and it's easy to see why wet rooms are becoming more commonplace.

As you just walk straight into the shower, they are also a good option for anyone with mobility problems as there is no need to climb into an enclosure or fiddle around with doors. Underfloor heating can also be installed to make the whole experience even more pleasurable (face it no one likes the feeling of freezing cold tiles underfoot on a crisp winter morning!)

If you're planning on using floor tiles as the base of your enclosure, make sure they are suitable for this purpose first. They will need to have a high level of slip resistance and also not absorb too much water (nonvitreous and semivitreous tiles are not suitable here).

What about drainage?

One of the clever things about wet rooms are the ways in which they are drained. Flush fitting trays are installed which are then tiled over, leaving only the grating visible. The tray is sloped slightly in order to direct the water towards the drain. This means that not only can water be drained effectively, but there's no need to compromise on looks in the process. Alternatively, low level trays can be installed instead so you have a visible tray but one which doesn't look out of place.

Can I install a wet room myself?

We would strongly recommend getting a professional to complete this installation as it is a huge job which can have potentially disastrous (not to mention expensive) consequences if it is fitted incorrectly. The wet room will need to be properly waterproofed, and every aspect needs to be thought out at length before any work begins. If you want the finished article to look and function as planned then it's best to leave this one to someone who is fully qualified to carry out the task.