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Recent Reviews

Almost perfect
9th May 2020
Nice quality material and looks great,my only problem is that the fixing screws supplied weren?t countersunk although the holes are which just took a bit of the shine off the job.
  • Item as described
  • Appearance
  • Build quality
  • Value for money
Just a holder
23rd Apr 2020
Just a holder for petite use
 - Verified Purchaser
  • Item as described
  • Appearance
  • Build quality
  • Value for money
Excellent Hanging Shower Tidy
19th Mar 2020
This is the best shower tidy, we have ever purchased, the packaging was excellent , and the service. Thank you Victorian Plumbing for your perfect service and product. We have had some great comments, and would definitely recommend you to friends and family.
 - Verified Purchaser
  • Item as described
  • Appearance
  • Build quality
  • Value for money
Just right
15th Jan 2020
Just right.
 - Verified Purchaser
  • Item as described
  • Appearance
  • Build quality
  • Value for money

Buying Guide


While admittedly not the most exciting things in the world, shower caddies are an important part of your bathroom because they offer a practical, convenient way to store all your daily essential items such as shampoos, shower gels and scrunchies. But with so many options out there it can often be difficult to decide exactly what?s best suited to your requirements. In this guide we?ll explain all you need to know to make a better informed purchase.

A good range of choices

There are many different styles and sizes out there when it comes to shower caddies. You can choose from corner baskets, single or multiple tier options as well as various finishes. We supply racks from well-known brands such as Croydex, Heritage, Wenko and Coram so you know you?re getting high quality products.

Not only do our shower racks add extra practicality to your bathroom but they?re also easy on the eye, which means you don?t have to compromise between style and functionality.

Are they easy to install?

This depends on which type of caddy you?re planning to fit as there are a few different types of installation.

Hanging caddy: These are a doddle to fit; all you need to do with most hanging shower baskets is simply place the attachments at the top over your shower screen and you?re good to go.

Screw-in: As these items aren?t movable like hanging ones, you need to think about the best place to mount it first. You don?t want to install one too high or too low, and you also don?t want it in an annoying place where it?ll catch your arm every time you move.

Once you?ve established a suitable position for the shelf, you need to mark some drill holes with a pencil, making sure they align properly. Place some masking tape over each hole in a cross shape before marking onto them where the holes will go. This handy little tip should prevent the drill from skidding on your tiles. Place wall plugs into the holes once you?ve drilled them and then carefully screw the caddy into position. Finally, make sure you put your screw covers on to complete the look.

Twist ?n? Lock: This Croydex patented method offers a unique way of fitting your caddy. It features a suction fix system which allows you to fit items to a variety of smooth surfaces while eliminating the need for any drilling. What you do is place the item where you want it, push the suction cup to the wall and then use the twisting motion to lock it securely in place. This means you don?t have to risk damaging your tiles and the rack can also be moved to a new position with minimal fuss.

Which caddy is right for my bathroom?

Getting the ideal shower caddy for your bathroom isn?t too hard; you just need to make sure that you have enough room available for the one you?re interested in and that you also buy one which has enough storage to house all your items. Other than that, it just comes down to personal preference really.

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