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Shower handsets are perfect as a standalone shower head or as a useful addition to a fixed shower head. Controlled by a shower valve and diverter, you can set the flow and temperature of a detachable shower head just as you would with a fixed shower. All of our handsets and shower hoses are made to the highest standards using the best quality materials.

Designed not just to be stylish additions to your bathroom, our functional range of shower handsets & shower hoses provide you with the added versatility of a mobile spray. This makes them ideal if you have kids, or if you need to focus the spray on a specific area of the body, making it easier to wash your hair for example.

Shower handsets are a great idea if you want a tailored showering experience. We have a huge variety of options from modern and sleek shower heads to traditional Victorian shower head designs. Many of our hand held shower heads can also be coordinated with your existing fittings which will help complement them beautifully.

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332 results
AQUAS Wave XJET Chrome Hand Shower Medium Image


Milan Square LED Chrome Shower Handset Medium Image
Nuie Round Easy-Clean Handset - HO307 Medium Image

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Need help with Shower Handsets?

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Chatsworth Traditional Outlet Elbow with Parking Bracket, Flex & Handset Large Image

Review From Trustpilot

20th October 2023

Very well made and looks brilliant.

Thomson, Campbell- verified purchaser

Orion Modern 5 Function Chrome Large Shower Handset Large Image

Orion Modem 5 Shower Handset

20th September 2023

Excellent product best shower head I have ever recommend it to anyone.

Trrry jordan from Basingstoke

Rydal Traditional Shower Handset Large Image

Review From Trustpilot

18th September 2023

Great quality and a very reasonable price.

Joan- verified purchaser


Can any shower head fit any shower?

In the UK there is a universal size for shower pipes and shower heads meaning any shower head should fit your current set up. However, it is important to take into consideration water pressure and water systems to ensure your new shower head is compatible with the plumbing in your home.


What are the benefits of a handheld shower hose?

There are a few benefits to a handheld shower hose, the first being that it gives you greater control and accuracy with the direction of your spray. As the shower is not fixed in one place, this gives you greater control over the direction of water spray which is useful for everyday showering as well as cleaning the shower and even washing pets!

Another benefit is that due to a smaller and more controlled flow of water, handheld showers can be more eco friendly and limit your water consumption. 

Having some versatility in your shower experience is also a nice benefit with handheld shower hoses. Being able to switch between an overhead shower to a handheld one adds that extra touch of luxury to your shower routine!


Is it possible to add a handheld shower to an existing fixed shower?

It is certainly possible to add a handheld shower to a fixed shower. There are a few ways to go about this. You can replace an overhead shower with a handheld shower by adding a bracket and attaching the handheld shower hose to the pipe where the showerhead was previously fitted. 

Alternatively, a handset shower can be combined with an overhead shower set up but additional adaptors and potentially plumbing work will be required.