Angled Radiator Valves

Shop our range of angled radiator valves. Angled radiator valves are designed for specific installations where the pipework undergoes a 90-degree turn before entering the radiator. These angled valves connect the hot water pipes to the radiator at a right angle, specifically suited for pipework emerging from walls behind the radiator or situated below floorboards. Free standard UK delivery on all orders over £499.

Angled radiator valves are available in an array of styles, spanning from contemporary chrome to classic designs, with both manual and thermostatic options. These valves aid in achieving a sleek appearance by reducing the visibility of pipework, particularly beneficial when dealing with pipes emerging directly from the floor.

Radiator valves contribute significantly to the overall look of your radiator setup. These angled radiator valves offer a diverse array of finishes and colors, ranging from timeless chrome to striking brass. For a cohesive finishing touch, consider coordinating your radiator valves with other metallic fixtures in the room, such as taps or shower fittings.

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Looking to understand the basics of angled radiator valves and their role in your heating system? The following FAQs cover the purpose and functionality of angled valves, how they differ from straight valves and the scenarios where each type is best suited.


What is an angled radiator valve?

Angled radiator valves are widely used in the UK, connecting radiators and pipework at a 90° angle. They cater to scenarios where pipes rise from the floor to meet side entries on the radiator. If your pipes extend from the wall to link with the radiator's side entries, this is when you would opt for corner radiator valves. These angled valves manage the flow of hot water into and out of your radiator, ensuring boiler safety and maintaining energy efficiency while keeping the space comfortably warm.

Angled radiator valves are available in both manual and thermostatic options. Manual radiator valves provide basic on/off control for water flow, while thermostatic valves offer more precise temperature settings, allowing greater control over the warmth that your radiators emit.


How do I know if I need straight or angled radiator valves?

Angled radiator valves suit scenarios where pipes ascend from the floor and require a turn to connect to the radiator's side. Straight radiator valves, on the other hand, are required if the pipes run along the wall, directly into the radiator valve. Angled and corner radiator valves share a similar shape, meaning that they're interchangeable, with the choice essentially revolving around the preferred direction for the valve head to face.