Brick Effect & Metro Tiles

Metro and brick tiles are popularly used in kitchens and bathrooms. Tiles in the range below are also nicknamed subway tiles as well as metro tiles in reference to the tiles used in London and New York underground. Shop this sophisticated range, built from hard-wearing materials for longevity. Revitalise your interior and get that renovation over the line with free standard delivery on orders over £499.

When it comes to laying metro and brick tiles, a number of patterns can be achieved. These rectangular tiles are of great use in large spaces and come in many different styles and finishes. Where you’re tiling your bathroom, kitchen, hallway or fireplace. We recommend that you hire a professional to lay your metro or brick tiles.

Brick effect tiles, on the other hand, are great for those wanting to create a lived-in feel. Bathrooms and kitchens can often feel a bit clinical, but the rougher textures and warmer tones of these unique tiles can massively alleviate this. Our range includes brick effect tiles in a number of finishes and textures to suit almost any space.

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92 results
92 results
Mileto Brick White Gloss Ceramic Wall Tile - 75 x 300mm Medium Image


Victorian Plumbing


Was £53.23/m²

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Mileto Brick Grey Gloss Ceramic Wall Tile - 75 x 300mm Medium Image

SAVE 23%

Victorian Plumbing


Was £53.23/m²

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Mileto Black Gloss Ceramic Wall Tile - 75 x 300mm Large Image


Victorian Plumbing


Was £53.23/m²

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Need help with Brick Effect & Metro Tiles?

Recently Reviewed

Victoria Metro Wall Tiles - Gloss White - 20 x 10cm Large Image

Cheap and Cheerful

26th February 2024

They look good with black grout.

Paul Bamford from East Dunbartonshire- verified purchaser

Mileto Brick Bone Gloss Ceramic Wall Tile - 75 x 300mm Large Image

Nice tiles

5th February 2024

Nice tiles although they are still in the boxes waiting to be put up as our tiler has let us down again, once they are in place I'll edit this with a picture too.

Richard Beaumont from Oxfordshire- verified purchaser

Metro Flat Wall Tiles - Gloss Olive - 20 x 10cm Large Image

Olive Tiles

25th December 2023

I was really happy with the quality of the tile, the colour was just what I wanted, they look great on the wall.

Barbara Brown from - verified purchaser

Michigan White Rustic Brick Effect Tiles - 170 x 520mm

Great Tiles

24th October 2023

Great tiles! Looking even better in real life. They're all slightly different colour (some pinkish, some bluish, some greyish, lighter and darker) which gives them more character and texture, they look very neat, like real brick but more subtle than brick slips. They completely transformed my big boring living room wall, very pleased! Definitely recommend.

Vera from Bedford


Is it possible to get tiles that look like bricks?

To create the look of exposed or mosaic brick internally, you can shop brick effect tiles. Add warm rustic tones to your home with brick effect tiles, often made from stone or porcelain for high quality and durability. Choose from a range of sizes to construct a feature wall, or frame a fireplace.


Are metro tiles still trending?

Metro tiles can be found in a variety of colours and finishes, and are far from going out of style. In fact, interior style experts predict they'll be on-trend for quite a while. For a soft and shimmery effect on your bathroom, go for a rippled gloss finish metro tile. Or adopt a more timeless look with classic white clean gloss metro tile - both still very much on trend now.