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TCP Smart Wi-Fi Digital Electric Oil Filled Radiator...

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TCP Smart Wi-Fi Digital Electric Oil Filled Radiator...

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If you’re upgrading your heating system, smart heating can seem like a daunting choice. However, if easier access and the optimised control of your heating sounds appealing, it might just be the right choice for you.

With innovative home technology at the forefront of smart heating systems, Victorian Plumbing’s range of smart thermostats and radiators prioritise making your life easier, and your heating more cost effective.

How does a smart heating system work?

Smart heating utilises home automation systems to function as a more efficient version of typical heating setups. Over time smart heating technology learns your schedule, and begins to automate and regulate your heating according to your routines and habits. This is partially achieved through the use of sensors to detect when you’re home. Once your presence or absence is detected, the smart heating will then adjust the temperature according to your schedule.

Outside of the automation systems, with the use of a smart thermostat you can control your heating (and cooling) systems remotely. So, from anywhere inside or outside the home, you can set and alter your heating through an app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

For more information on how smart heating systems work, please visit our guide to smart heating.

Will smart heating save me money?

As smart thermostats provide you with greater control over your heating management, the short answer is yes, when used to its full capabilities smart heating can save you money. This cost efficiency is achieved through smart heating optimisation features.

Here’s a list of the potential features available to you when you upgrade to a smart heating system:
  • Multi-room control and zoning
  • Draught detection
  • Holiday mode
  • Safety mode
  • Geofencing - This is where a perimeter is set up around your home through GPS technology. When you exit and enter this perimeter the smart heating automatically raises or lowers the temperature of your home. As a result, your heating can be ready for your return whilst it saves energy in your absence.

How do I install smart heating?

To upgrade from a typical heating system to a smart heating system, all you need to do is integrate a smart thermostat. Installing a smart thermostat is fairly similar to the process of a typical thermostat, with the added step of setting up and syncing the smart app. However, certain brands like the Google Nest smart heating might require alternative steps.

For a more complete overview on the installation process, read our step-by-step guide on how to install a smart thermostat.