Straight Radiator Valves

Shop our range of straight radiator valves. Straight valves serve as connectors between radiators and the hot water pipes in a linear configuration, making them suitable for cases where your radiator's entry point aligns parallel to the pipework. Straight radiator valves facilitate connection either in line with horizontally mounted pipes or vertically when the radiator's inlet is positioned at the lower end. Free standard UK delivery on orders over £499.

Available in both manual and thermostatic variants, our straight radiator valves provide control over water flow. All made by reputable brands dedicated to creating high quality heating essentials, thermostatic options automatically regulate temperature by modulating water flow.

Straight radiator valves come in a luxurious range of types and finishes, tailored to suit diverse styles. You can choose from polished chrome, vintage brass, matte black and classic white finishes, allowing you to match your radiator with your interior. For a cohesive look, we suggest coordinating the valve finish with other elements in your space.

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Looking to understand the basics of straight radiator valves and how they work? The following FAQs will give you the information you need about straight valves, how they function and how they differ from their angled counterparts.


What is a straight radiator valve?

Straight radiator valves serve to link the pipework directly to the radiator, operating without any bends. These valves come into play when the alignment between your pipework and radiator is straight, requiring a valve for water flow control. Particularly useful when the piping extends directly from the floor to the radiator, a straight valve connects the vertical pipe to the radiator's vertical inlet without any bends that could hinder water flow.


How do I know if I need angled or straight radiator valves?

Determining whether you need angled or straight radiator valves depends on the pipe's positioning. Angled radiator valves suit scenarios where pipes emerge from the floor and turn to enter the radiator's side, while straight valves are ideal when the pipes run directly along the wall and connect to the radiator valve. 

Once you've identified your preference between straight, angled or corner valves, the next decision involves choosing between manual or thermostatic valves. The key difference lies in their operation: thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) automatically shut off when the room reaches the desired temperature, whereas manual radiator valves require physical adjustment to turn off. A TRV is a cost-effective solution, ensuring rooms aren't needlessly heated.