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Traditional 1500 x 700mm Chrome Oval Shower Curtain Rail Medium Image
05 Jun 2017

Traditional 1500 x 700mm Chrome Oval Shower Curtain Rail

Adjustable legs

Just thought I'd let people know know that despite what has been said in the question and answer section about the drop legs not being able to be cut, these can be shortened. The legs are constructed from a rose, threaded internal rod and outer sleeve which screws into the rail. You can easily cut the threaded rod and the outer sleeve down to shorten them to suit.

Reviewed by:  Joseph - Thetford, Norfolk
Item as Described
Build Quality
Value for Money
Croydex Telescopic Shower Cubicle Rod - Silver Medium Image
13 Apr 2015

Croydex Telescopic Shower Cubicle Rod - Silver

works great

I have one in a bathroom, where it has been up for the majority of five years plus. The trick is getting the twist fitting adjustment right and this can take time. Also make sure your walls are dry and free from dust etc when first installing. Finally these are not designed to take a heavyweight shower curtain, if that is what you want to use then buy a wall fixed rail instead.

Reviewed by:  Andy Murray - London
Item as Described
Build Quality
Value for Money
Luxury Oval Chrome Plated Racetrack Shower Curtain Rail Medium Image
15 Feb 2015

Luxury Oval Chrome Plated 1110mm x 650mm Racetrack Shower Curtain Rail

Shower Rail

Ordered the traditional, then found it wouldn't fit the joists on a slope,travelled cross country, after ordering a smaller version, returned the original, the staff were brilliant, both at Formby and Skelmasdale, and now it looks brill.

Reviewed by:  Graham Poucher - Grimsby
Item as Described
Build Quality
Value for Money
Traditional 1200 x 630mm Chrome Oval Shower Curtain Rail Medium Image
01 Jul 2014
Confirmed Purchase:

Traditional 1200 x 630mm Chrome Oval Shower Curtain Rail

Traditional 1200 x 730mm Chrome Oval Shower Curtain Rail

All good thanks! Expensive but they all are!

Reviewed by:  Chris Gold - LONDON
Item as Described
Build Quality
Value for Money

If you're looking for an ideal finishing touch for your bathroom; one that's both stylish and practical, then a shower curtain rail is exactly what you need. These items come in various shapes and sizes and will suit pretty much any style of room so you don't have to worry about your selection looking a little out of place. In this guide we'll outline what your options are and the specific benefits that each one has.

So what are my options?

There are many different shower curtain rails available, including wall and ceiling mounted versions. Our curtain rails are split into the following categories:

Shaped rails: These shower curtain rails come in various shapes such as oval, circular and u-shaped. These options are perfect accompaniments to freestanding baths, and happen to look particularly good in traditional settings. While most are available in chrome, there are gold plated versions too which will further add to the period feel. They are usually either wall or ceiling mounted to accommodate for the placement of your bath (though some rails actually feature wall and ceiling mounting points).

Straight rails: These rails simply run across the opening of the bath and are a fantastic alternative to bath screens. If you want a stylish yet affordable upgrade then a straight shower curtain rail is a great solution.

Curtain rings: With a curtain rail fitted, you'll need some rings in order to attach the shower curtain you've chosen. Curtain rings might not sound too exciting but they don't have to be boring at all; in fact they come in lots of funky designs which will add an extra touch of personalisation to your bathroom. Options available include colourful hooks, sleek chrome hooks, and also quirky designs such as the chrome ball curtain rings.

We strongly recommend that you take some accurate measurements of the room before buying a shower curtain rail. You need to measure the amount of clearance you have from the ceiling and also the projection from the wall.

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