Shower Body Jets

Create a luxury shower experience with shower body jets which relax and soothe your body. Purchase body jets individually or, for the best experience, we recommend choosing shower body jet kits which contain 4-8 jets for an all round coverage.
Body jets will take your shower experience to new levels of relaxation. Installing a set of shower jets is a great way of guaranteeing a reinvigorating, stress-relieving shower time and time again.
For those who want to get a little bit more from their shower, the relaxing spa experience that shower body jets deliver is absolutely ideal. A great way to add a little luxury to your shower without splashing out.

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22 results
Milan Body Jet - 1 x Slim Square Jet Medium Image
Milan Body Jet - 6 x Slim Square Jets Medium Image
Crosswater Dial Round Body Jet - RB820C Medium Image
Milan Body Jet - 4 x Slim Square Jets Medium Image
Bristan - Rub Clean Square Body Jet - JET2-C Medium Image
Cruze Body Jet - 4 x Slim Round Jets Medium Image
Cruze Body Jet - 1 x Slim Round Jet Medium Image
Asquiths Square Body Jet - SHZ5155 Medium Image
Milan Square Body Jet - Chrome Medium Image
Asquiths Square Tile Body Jet - SHZ5154 Medium Image
Cruze Round Body Jet - Chrome Medium Image
Hudson Reed - Square Tile Body Jet - BDJ002 Medium Image
Cruze Body Jet - 6 x Slim Round Jets Medium Image
Asquiths Round Barrel Design Body Jet - SHZ5142 Medium Image
Asquiths Round Body Jet - SHZ5141 Medium Image
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Are you tired of not getting the most from your daily shower? If the whole process is becoming more of a chore than a refreshing start to the day then it's time to do something about the situation. What you need to do is install some body jets. These items are placed around your shower enclosure and spray water through a series of nozzles in a way which creates a soothing, massaging effect that will really improve your showering experience. They are also very affordable too, so everyone can benefit from the revitalising effects of body jets.

Will they make a difference?

Most definitely. We suggest that for the best results you should consider fitting at least 4 jets, and more if you have the space available as this will create a more enjoyable experience overall. The highly contemporary designs of these items means that you can achieve a genuine spa feel with minimal effort.

There are chrome square and round designs as well as stunning rainbars which offer a unique upgrade by featuring a large number of nozzles positioned along a bar which will cover a greater area. Jets come with different styles of water distribution too including jet, mist and spray so you can tailor the shower to your own preferences.

Do I need to make any major modifications to be able to use body jets?

Not necessarily. What you do need is a high water pressure system in order to effectively supply the jets with enough water. You will also need to have a diverter installed which is compatible as this is essentially what will allow you to control the body jets. A triple shower valve with diverter would be a great option here as they enable you to include a handset and body jets and then use them both simultaneously for complete showering satisfaction.

Are they easy to fit?

Installing shower body jets is generally not something we would recommend doing yourself unless you have previous experience with this kind of thing as they can be a bit fiddly to get right. Your best bet is to call a professional and have them do it as this will avoid any potential catastrophes!