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Shop our range of cosmetic mirrors. Available in freestanding and wall mounted designs, these light up makeup mirrors and shaving mirrors, will provide assistance to all of your daily skincare routines. Need something more substantial? Try our wider range of bathroom mirrors. Free standard delivery on orders over £499 at Victorian Plumbing.

Our range includes a large number of illuminated makeup mirrors. These are great for skincare and doing makeup as they will provide you with bright, even lighting whenever you need it. They're also highly effective when used as shaving mirrors as perfect lighting can make the whole process that bit safer.

Many of our bathroom shaving mirrors, makeup mirrors and extendable bathroom mirrors are provided by well-known brands. Choose a high quality makeup mirror from the likes of simplehuman, HiB Bathrooms, Smedbo, Croydex and many other household names. All of the products in our cosmetic mirror range have been built to last using impressive materials.

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55 results
Burlington Traditional Cosmetic Wall Mirror - Chrome - A57-CHR Medium Image
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Croydex Small Round Magnifying Mirror - QA103041 Medium Image

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There is a wider range of cosmetic and makeup mirrors than you would originally expect. Take at a look at our frequently asked questions below to get an idea of which cosmetic mirror would be the best option for you.

What is a cosmetic mirror?

A cosmetic mirror is a smaller bathroom mirror used for applying makeup or shaving. This is why you'll often see them referred to as makeup mirrors or shaving mirrors. A cosmetic mirror will usefully live in your bathroom or shower room, although could equally sit in a bedroom if you have a dressing table.

What type of makeup mirror should I choose?

Makeup mirrors are available in different shapes - such as round or rectangular - and a range of colours - most commonly chrome, but also black, rose gold and many other finishes. The main types of cosmetic mirrors available fall into the following three categories:

Free standing makeup mirror - This is the most common type of makeup mirror; a small, free standing, round cosmetic mirror that you can keep in the bathroom but also easily take with you into the bedroom or any other room. That being said, there are larger versions, such as freestanding makeup mirrors suitable for dressing tables.

Wall mounted makeup mirror - Makeup mirrors can also be mounted to your bathroom wall. These wall mounted cosmetic mirrors often feature an adjustable arm, so they remain versatile even when affixed to a wall.

Illuminated makeup mirrors - Illuminated mirrors feature LED lights within the mirror, making them a great choice for applying makeup without having to rely on your main lighting (which can often be too bright or unnatural). They can even act as a bit of a feature to spruce up a bathroom or bedroom.