Manual Radiator Valves

Shop our range of manual radiator valves. These widely-used valves operate in a similar fashion to a tap and offer on/off control of individual radiators. Manual valves are particularly suitable for modern households equipped with self-regulating heating systems or smart control, and ideal for rooms like hallways or bathrooms where thermostatic control isn't essential. Free standard UK delivery on orders over £499.

We stock one of the UK's leading ranges, meaning that you'll find a manual radiator valve in the finish and configuration to suit your home. Our interior designers recommend using these valves as an opportunity to customise and accessorise your new heating, so don't be afraid to pick a stylish finish.  Whether it's sleek, modern chrome valves to highlight an aluminium radiator or an antique copper option to match a cast iron radiator, the choices are varied and captivating, our selection has everything you need.

It's important that radiator valves stand the test of time, and our manual valves include individual manufacturer guarantees for peace of mind. Check out an item's product detail page for full details and helpful technical information to aid you when fitting your new home heating system. Choose manual radiator valves from Arezzo, Chatsworth, Reina and more or, for more options, browse our selection of thermostatic radiator valves.

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If you’re looking to buy new radiator valves, then our FAQs will help you to understand the functionality and distinct traits of manual valves. Find out what they are and how they differ from thermostatic valves.


What is a manual radiator valve?

Manual valves are perhaps still the most common type of radiator valve. You operate them by manually turning them to regulate the temperature. Similar to a tap and involving an internally-controlled on/off mechanism, they adjust the flow of hot water from the boiler into the radiator. Elevating the valve level increases the hot water volume, intensifying heat output.


What is the difference between thermostatic and manual radiator valves?

The key distinction lies in how these valves manage radiator heating. Manual valves require manual toggling for heating control or rely on timed central heating systems. On the other hand, thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) integrate sensors that autonomously activate or deactivate based on room temperature.

It is very easy to operate your central heating system with manual valves and, because they are easy to find, there will often be a wide range of styles, colours and finishes to choose from. However, regulating room temperature becomes more challenging as these valves rely on a basic turn-up or turn-down mechanism. They also lack automation, meaning your radiators won't adapt automatically to temperature changes.


Should manual radiator valves be fully open?

Manual radiator valves don't need to be fully open all the time. If left fully open, they can cause an imbalance in your heating system. To achieve an even distribution of heat throughout your home, it's important to balance your radiators.

Balancing ensures that all radiators receive the right amount of hot water. By adjusting the lockshield valve – typically the one you can't turn by hand – you control the flow of water into each radiator. This process prevents some radiators from getting excessively hot while allowing others to warm up properly, especially those farther away from the boiler.