Bath Wastes & Plugs

There are many different types of bath wastes and bath plugs to choose from. We offer a wide array of bath waste styles - such as pop up bath wastes and exposed wastes - and finishes - such as gold and chrome bath waste - so that you can finish off your bathroom beautifully. Whether you need a quick replacement or are completing a larger renovation, browse our full range of bath plug, bath waste and overflow options.

Chrome, brass and gold wastes are all available from us and are a great subtle way to add an extra layer of personalisation to your bathtub. Why not match your bath waste or pop up bath plug to your bath taps for the ultimate tailored feel.

Bath wastes and overflows are important because they are hard-working, functional items that ensure the smooth daily use of your bathtub. However, they also present an opportunity to carry your chosen theme across your bathroom, as small functional pieces can be used as accents and accessories.

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Need help with Bath Wastes & Plugs?

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Wenko - Pack of 2 Stainless Steel Bath & Shower Hair Sieve - 3902020100 Large Image

Review From Trustpilot

16th November 2023

Seems to do the job catches the hair to stop it blocking my drain for shower over bath.

Mrs Cunningham- verified purchaser

Easy Clean Click Clack Bath Waste with Overflow

Review From Trustpilot

3rd November 2023

Excellent quality and easy to make watertight.

richard- verified purchaser

Cruze Bath Pop-up Waste & Overflow - Chrome Large Image

Bath Waste

3rd October 2023

Excellent quality, easy to fit. Superb.

Deborah from Essex


Are bath wastes all the same size?

In the UK, all bath wastes are the same size. The universal size for all bathtub wastes is 40mm. This means you can choose almost any style of bath waste from the selection above and it will fit nicely onto your current bath.


How do I go about choosing a bath waste and plug?

If your bath has an overflow, then you want to make sure that the waste you choose has a built in overflow. This way, your waste, plug and overflow will all be coordinated, giving your bathroom a more finished and sophisticated look.

Depending on your personal style, you may want to think about the style of plug that you choose. If you prefer a more modern and contemporary aesthetic in your bathroom, then opting for a click clack plus is a great way to maintain this style. If you prefer a more traditional aesthetic in your bathroom, opting for a chain plug will coordinate perfectly with your style.

If you are unsure on what to look for when choosing your bath waste and plug, have a read through our blog for a more in depth guide to bath wastes.


How easy is it to replace a bath waste?

Replacing a bath waste is a simple task that can be completed in a matter of minutes. However, if you are not confident to replace a bath waste yourself, then we recommend that you hire a professional to do so.