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Star 5 Emma
20 Minutes Ago

Fast and friendly service.

Placed an order and realised too late that I had missed an item off. I emailed the company and was contacted by telephone the next day (SUNDAY!!) by a lovely lady called Caitlyn Devaney. My order was swiftly amended and the missing item added on with ease. Everything clearly explained. Thanks Caitlyn!

Star 5 Sandy Gemmiil
46 Minutes Ago

Query on Triple Outlet Showers

Very quick and positive response from Gemma Elliot to my query about shower components

Star 5 Maureen J
1 Hour Ago

Excellent products

Excellent products Easy website, good company.

Star 5 Margaret
2 Hours Ago

Very helpful and reassuring

Very helpful and reassuring

Star 5 Mr David James Roberts
2 Hours Ago

I have been looking for this item for a…

I have been looking for this item for a long time. Your site is easy to use

2 Hours Ago

Very speedy service…

My new drain arrived the next day after placing the order! It was very well packed and is now in position.

Star 5 Jas Kalsi
2 Hours Ago

Quick and easy process of ordering

Quick and easy process of ordering

Star 5 Paul Maloret
2 Hours Ago

the goods were delivered on time and in…

the goods were delivered on time and in good condition

Star 5 Julie Wells
2 Hours Ago

Easy ordering and payment

Easy ordering and payment

Star 5 Jeany
3 Hours Ago

Excellent speedy service

Great selection of bathroom accessories and easily found exactly what I was looking for. Ordered on Thursday night and received on Saturday. Emailed to try and add items to my order - received prompt reply from Emily Finn advising order had already been dispatched. Delighted with service.

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