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What can I plug into a bathroom shaver socket?

Generally speaking, anything with the appropriate plug to fit the shaving socket is okay to use. This includes devices like shavers, electric toothbrush chargers and other small cosmetic electric devices.

Whilst you can purchase adaptors for this socket, not all devices are safe to use with it. Charging small electronics like a mobile phone are okay to use, however, it’s best to avoid using electronics that require a lot of power. This includes devices like hair dryers or curling irons, as well as large electronics like laptops.

Why do bathroom sockets say shavers only?

Having electrical sockets in a bathroom is considered a safety hazard because there is always a chance that the electricity can come into contact with water. Shaver sockets have a much lower electrical output than typical household plugs, making them safer should you get electrocuted. This also means that they haven’t got the power to support electrical devices that pull a large amount of electricity.

Shavers require a low amount of electricity to charge, making them suitable to plug into the low voltage sockets. As to why it’s labelled for shavers specifically, it’s just a good indicator to the user as to what types of small devices can be charged with this socket.