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Quadrant Trays

Quadrant Trays

Browse our huge collection of popular Quadrant Shower trays.

from £69.95
Rectangular Trays

Rectangular Trays

A statement piece ideal for modern looking wet rooms and shower cubicles.

from £88.95
Square Shower Trays

Square Shower Trays

A stylish and essential addition to any square shower enclosure.

from £64.95
Offset Trays

Offset Trays

Browse our vast range of offset shower trays available in various sizes.

from £99.95
Pentagon Trays

Pentagon Trays

Unique yet durable, enjoy our range of quality pentagon shower trays.

from £139.95
Slate Effect Trays

Slate Effect Trays

Growing in popularity, our slate effect trays complement any modern space.

from £129.95
Walk-In Trays

Walk-In Trays

Elegant and minimalist walk in shower trays to provide a sleek look.

from £239.95
Anti Slip Trays

Anti Slip Trays

Reliable, classic and stylish. View our large range of anti-slip trays.

from £119.95

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  • Tray Shape

    • Square (51)
    • Rectangular (109)
    • Quadrant (53)
    • Offset (45)
    • Pentagon (8)
  • Tray Width (mm)

    • 0 - 799 mm (26)
    • 800 - 999 mm (131)
    • 1000 - 1199 mm (85)
    • 1200 - 1399 mm (98)
    • 1400 - 1499 mm (64)
    • 1500 - 1599 mm (22)
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  • Tray Depth (mm)

    • 0 - 799 mm (68)
    • 800 - 999 mm (249)
    • 1000 - 1199 mm (22)
    • 1200 - 1399 mm (1)
    • 1400+ mm (1)
  • Tray Height (mm)

    • 0 - 30 mm (137)
    • 31 - 60 mm (98)
    • 61 - 90 mm (7)
    • 90 + mm (19)
  • Popular Sizes

    • 700 x 700 mm (4)
    • 760 x 760 mm (24)
    • 800 x 800 mm (67)
    • 900 x 900 mm (82)
    • 1000 x 800 mm (64)
    • 1200 x 800 mm (72)
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  • Tray Type

    • Stone Resin (218)
    • Acrylic (41)
    • Slate Effect (106)
    • Walk-In (13)
    • Wet Room (112)
    • Riser Kit (20)
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  • Colour

    • White (164)
    • Grey (54)
    • Black (35)
    • Blue (3)
    • Green (3)
    • Red (3)
  • Price

    • £0 - £100 (2)
    • £101 - £150 (24)
    • £151 - £200 (65)
    • £201 - £300 (105)
    • £301 - £500 (55)
    • £501+ (9)
  • Brand

    • Imperia Bathrooms (70)
    • Aurora (49)
    • Mira Showers (38)
    • Just Trays (20)
    • Crosswater (18)
    • Merlyn (17)
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    • In Stock (167)
260 results
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Crosswater - Rectangular Low Profile Stone Resin...

Finance from £6.38/month
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Mira Flight Level Slate Effect Rectangular Shower...

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Recent Reviews

Shower Tray
27th Apr 2021
Great product, packaging and delivery was perfect. I will be using you again. Regards Terry
 - Verified Purchaser
  • Item as described
  • Appearance
  • Build quality
  • Value for money
Good Quality and says what it does
25th Mar 2021
Does what it says on the tin. Good quality and good packaging. Not damaged.
 - Verified Purchaser
  • Item as described
  • Appearance
  • Build quality
  • Value for money
Great Idea. But!!
6th Mar 2021
Now we have had this up and running for a little while I feel I can give an honest review. The good thing with this tray is the low profile and the lack of drain hole under your feet. Just long enough to be walk in and not have over spray from the shower going onto the floor. The issue for us was the fitting of the waste trap, as its quite long to accommodate the tray outlet, it was always bound to clash with a joist. So we had to make some adjustment to the joists to get it fitted. The other issue is the flimsy gaskets supplied to make the water tight fit. Bearing in mind that this is probably going to live its life under the floor, that will be tiled and have underfloor heating, you need to be assured that it will remain water tight. So make sure it it well tested before tiling. We never found the gaskets good enough and had to mastic the joints as well. Also make sure that the tray is absolutely flat otherwise the water will not escape.
 - Verified Purchaser
  • Item as described
  • Appearance
  • Build quality
  • Value for money

Buying Guide

An essential for any shower enclosure installation, shower trays provide a waterproof platform for you to stand on comfortably while showering. Our truly comprehensive collection boasts over 200 shower tray options to ensure you find a tray that perfectly suits your space no matter how distinctive your tastes. You’ll find a plethora of popular shapes including square, rectangle, quadrant, offset and even pentagon shower trays in sizes from 700mm to 1700mm+. The range even includes several low profile shower trays perfect for creating flush-fitting walk in showers. Built to last, you can select from a huge number of durable materials too with acrylic, slate effect, ceramic, anti-slip and stone resin shower trays available in various vibrant finishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to seal a shower tray?

Before applying new silicone, you may want to add a layer of masking tape to protect your tiles. First, take your silicone gun and run the new bead along the tray. It’s important when doing this that the new silicone makes contact with the shower tray and the tile edge to form a waterproof seal. Once you have applied the new silicone to the tray, mist it with water or a soapy solution before taking a silicone profiling tool and running it along the silicone bead to create a smooth line. Clear away any excess silicone with a paper towel then let it set for 24hrs.

How should I clean my shower tray?

Regular bathroom cleaning sprays should do the trick, but it’s always best to read the label beforehand to be sure they don’t include any corrosive chemicals. Want more detailed advice? We’ve also created this handy in-depth guide on How to Clean a Shower Tray using shop-bought sprays as well as common household products.

What are the sizes of shower trays?

Our shower tray range features a plethora of shapes and sizes so you can get the perfect fit for your space. You’ll find standard square, rectangular, offset, and quadrant trays in popular sizes starting at 700mm x 700mm right through to 1700mm x 800mm.