Bathroom Storage Ideas

Making sure you have the right bathroom storage ideas for your home can be the difference between a small cramped space, to a fully functional and comfy bathroom. The problem is there’s so much choice out there, how do you know what is best for you and your bathroom. Having a good idea of the different bathroom storage ideas helps; That is why we are going to explain everything you need to know about storage in the bathroom, and how to make the most of the space you have. To find out which storage solution best suits your bathroom and the style that you would like to achieve, you must first evaluate the needs and (particularly) space you have available in your bathroom.

Bathroom Sizes

Making the most of the space you have in your bathroom is important to everyone, whether you have a small or big space. Bathrooms can quickly become a cluttered and untidy room, especially in a busy household, as it is used all the time by everyone. So, make sure you have a good think about what will work well in your bathroom. Small bathrooms don’t have to feel small, with the right kind of storage you can add more space than you even thought you had. There’s no doubt that bigger bathrooms offer a much larger variety of options for you, but bear in mind you do not want it to become an empty space that doesn’t make you feel at home.

Vanity Units

A vanity unit is a storage unit that incorporates a basin at the top of it, making it perfect for utilizing any space you have in your bathroom. They are very functional and have long been a favourite in the bathroom. They can come in both a floor standing option for plenty of storage room and a wall hung option for a stylish and space saving alternative.


A shelf is a simple way to get rid of clutter in the bathroom and is great for space saving because it doesn’t take up any floor space. You can install one anywhere in the bathroom or add a few to give you even more storage space than before. As they don’t hide products or cosmetics, they can be used as a space to feature coloured linens and towels for a touch of style. A shelf can also be made from a variety of materials from manufactured properties like glass and steel to more natural options like wood.


Storage Mirrors are a great choice for bathrooms that lack in size as they will create the illusion of space and depth. They are perfect for hiding away any unwanted clutter and the sorts of bathroom products that are better left out of sight.


At the top end of contemporary design is bathroom furniture that is wall hung, meaning that they do not take up any floor space leaving a more open area in your bathroom. The downside to a wall hung cabinet, however, is that they cannot hold as much as a floor mounted one. Thankfully, cabinets come in both options so you don’t have to compromise on one benefit or the other.  


Bathroom accessories can open up some more options for storage in the bathroom and can help with hiding some of the smaller products and cosmetics. They can range from counter top tumblers for storing toothbrushes to laundry bins for any dirty clothes or towels they may otherwise be left on the floor. Shower and bath baskets are also an excellent solution to tidying up any toiletries and giving them a specific place within easy reach (often inside the bath or shower). 

Important Note: No matter what style, size or product you choose to feature in your bathroom, you must ensure that they are moisture resistant and can withstand the damp environment of the bathroom.