Square Shower Tray Buying Guide

Choosing A Square Shower Tray For Your Enclosure


We've noticed a bit of a return in the popularity of square trays lately, and we reckon there are a few good reasons behind it. For starters, installing a square shower tray will allow you to place the enclosure anywhere in the bathroom you wish (you're not confined to a corner like with other trays), and you'll also be able to include them in small bathrooms and en-suites due to their often compact nature. In this guide we'll explore the numerous advantages they can give you.


Why should I buy a square shower tray?

Square shower trays are ideal for a large range of bathrooms regardless of the overall style the setting may have. They are very practical as they can be placed in large or small rooms and are good if you need to save space.

They will usually be made using a strong and durable resin which is designed to support your weight without easily flexing or cracking under regular use.


How easy are they to fit?

While it's true that installing a square shower tray isn't the most demanding task in the world, it can cause difficulties if you're unfamiliar with the process or don't have any previous experience with basic plumbing. If you're unsure then we recommend giving your local plumber a ring instead.


Depending on the style of tray you have gone for, there will be different methods of installation. Trays which are flush to the floor will need a lot of work to get them to fit right as you will need to access underneath the floor to fit it. Raised trays use legs to lift the enclosure up, and allow your pipework to sit under the tray without having to cut away any flooring. A panel is then used to conceal the pipes from view. If you're tackling this yourself be sure to check that the tray is secured properly using a silicone sealant as it will be dangerous if it manages to work loose.


I can't get access under my floor, what should I do?

If there's an issue getting access then what you need is a square shower tray which comes with leg stands. These legs will lift the enclosure up so that the pipework has room underneath (ideal if you don't want to cut into the floor itself). A panel (or panels) then wraps around the side of the tray which will hide the pipes from view.


Are they easy to keep clean?

Square shower trays require very little maintenance in order to keep them looking their best. A quick wipe down with a sponge and a suitable cleaning product every week will prevent any dirt from collecting. Don't use any overly harsh products when cleaning them though as they can respond quite badly to these, causing stains to appear.

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