Kitchen Sinks Buying Guide

Different Types Of Kitchen Sinks


Because you use them on a regular basis, for a variety of tasks such as food preparation and cleaning the dishes, kitchen sinks are one of the most important features of your home so it makes sense to choose something which is practical and meets all the requirements you have. But how will you know what's right for you? With so many options out there to pick from it might seem a bit confusing at first but in this guide we'll detail all the info you need to make a more informed purchase.


How many bowls do I need?

This will depend on what you intend to use your kitchen sink for. Certain types are more suitable for specific tasks, as we'll detail below:


1 bowl

These are available in a wide range of designs and are ideal if you live alone or the kitchen isn't particularly big as they won't take up as much room as other options.


1.5 bowl

Ideal if you need to prepare things like vegetables or pour out drinks while also doing the dishes, these sinks are popular due to their practicality. They are a great compromise between 1 and 2 bowl alternatives as they offer the benefits of separate sections without taking up too much space.


2 bowl

These sinks are usually a bit larger than other alternatives. They are brilliant if you live in a busy household as they allow two people to do completely different tasks at the same time. Fresh food can be prepared in one sink, while dirty dishes can be stored in the other for later.



Similar in appearance to butler sinks, these designs are a lot deeper than the others. They tend to look best in more traditional settings and would complement a country style kitchen perfectly.



There are plenty of different materials used for kitchen sinks, each with its own advantages. Here are some of the more popular choices.


Stainless steel

These sinks are great because they cover all bases; they're tough, look smart, are easy to maintain and also won't cost the earth. Pretty much ideal for all kitchens to be honest!



If you want something a bit different then choosing one of these is a great idea. They have an elegant appearance that will complement a wide range of kitchens from authentic period examples to ultra-modern settings.



These sinks are strong and very robust which is obviously ideal in a kitchen environment. Not only that but there are numerous colours available as well so creating a coordinated look is really easy.


How are they mounted?

Not all kitchen sinks are fitted the same way. It's a good idea to make a note of the way a particular sink is mounted before you decide to make the purchase.



As the name suggests these sinks are fitted to the underside of your worktop instead of being top mounted. They're a good bet for wooden or granite surfaces.



If you're after a contemporary, slimline look then flush mounted designs are perfect. They sit level with the worktop and give the kitchen a seamless finish. These are beginning to grow in popularity too!



Found in a wide range of homes, these sinks sit with their edges atop the work surface. One of the best things about inset sinks is that they are available in a good selection of sizes so finding just the right one for your kitchen should pose you no problems at all.

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