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Taps Buying Guide

Introduction To Taps

Taps are a fantastic way to add further decoration to your fittings, breathing new life into old bathtubs and basins, and effortlessly complimenting new ones. A nice looking set of taps is a great way to complete the look of any bathroom, but it isn't as easy as simply seeing the ones you like and then plumbing them in, as our guide explains.

What tap styles are available?

Traditional: Featuring beautifully manufactured period influences such as crosshead handles, traditional taps are perfect for injecting style into bathrooms with a more vintage inspired look.

Bath: There are lots of bath tap designs out there, whether you want sleek, modern looks or a more traditional appearance, there are options to suit your needs. Many bath tap options feature shower mixers for a more luxurious approach to bathing.

Basin: Regardless of your preference when it comes to settling on a style, there are an almost countless amount of basin tap designs available to choose from ensuring your basin looks its absolute best. Many can also be harmonised with your selection of bath taps.

Thermostatic: Besides looking great, these taps have a built in safety feature as they gauge the temperature of the water, meaning that there is no risk of scalding.

Freestanding: If you have a freestanding bathtub, these taps are the perfect accompaniment, as they really complete the look. They are also a great option if your bathroom has a counter top basin.

Waterfall: For the ultimate modern appeal, waterfall taps feature futuristic designs which will completely transform the look of your basin or bath.

How do I know what taps are suitable for my plumbing?

As water pressure can vary greatly from house to house, you need to check your pressure before selecting a new set of taps. This will help determine what will be compatible with your plumbing system. It is a good idea to seek professional advice when dealing with water pressure, as this will give you much more confidence when it comes to buying your taps.

What are quarter turn taps?

Quarter turn taps are essentially taps which can be operated simply by turning their handle through 90 degrees. As a result, these ceramic taps are a sensible option for those who suffer from joint pains.

What are screw down taps?

Screw down taps are the older design items which are really common. Instead of a mixer, the hot and cold taps are usually located separately from each other as two individual units. However, there are mixer taps available which incorporate this style. They are screwed in one direction to turn them on, and in the opposite direction to turn them off. Washers are used with these taps in order to prevent any dripping or leaking.

Are there water saving options available?

Yes. For those who want more eco-friendly taps there are various water saving items on the market. These taps have numerous ways in which they help to regulate the amount of water being used, allowing you to prevent any wastage.

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