Countertop Basins Buying Guide

The Ultimate Countertop Basins For Every Bathroom Style


If you're a fan of highly contemporary styling, then your bathroom will probably reflect this. But when it comes to choosing just the right basin, picking something that's truly different can often be tough, which is why counter top basins are becoming an increasingly popular option for modern settings.


With their sleek lines and simplistic nature, it's not hard to see why they are so appealing. They offer designer looks that will give modern bathrooms a true designer edge. Here, we'll explain exactly what you should be looking for.


What styles of counter top basin are available to me?

This type of basin comes in many different shapes and sizes in order to meet a wide range of requirements. Most designs will feature rounded shapes, but there are square and rectangular options available as well as completely unique shapes such as 'fossil' or 'leaf' inspired items for a more personalised touch.


There are numerous finishes available too, while you can opt for classic white ceramic, there are also natural stone, granite, black and even chrome products on the market. For further originality we've seen a trend for counter top basins which feature patterns such as famous city buildings or floral arrangements printed on them. There are a lot of designs to discover, so take some time to establish just what you want and you'll be on your way to creating a truly one-off bathroom.


Are they easy to install?

As with any basin installation, the right tools and a good grasp of plumbing basics should be all you need here. If you're not confident in your own abilities then it may be best to leave this to a professional to avoid any mishaps, but even if you're relatively new to sink installation this shouldn't cause too many problems.


You need to select a good quality counter top which is large enough to accommodate the basin prior to installation. This needs to have holes cut into it for the waste and pipelines. The basin then needs to be secured to the top of the flat surface using a good quality silicone caulking as you don't want it moving around every time you wash your hands!


Finally, connect everything and make sure the countertop is securely fixed to the wall and the floor. Run the water for a couple of minutes and check thoroughly for any leakage.


Do I need specialist taps?

Not necessarily. There are plenty of counter top basins which feature a tap hole, allowing you to mount a tap to the body of them like you would with a regular basin. However, due to the thin edges of many of these items, it's often not possible to incorporate a tap hole into their design. This is where high rise mono basin mixer taps come in?


High rise mixers basically sit on your countertop and are positioned next to the basin itself but are not attached to it. These taps are very practical and will also add a fantastic designer edge to the look of the basin too.


What about wastes?

Choosing the correct waste for one of these basins is important. There are a few things to consider, which we will cover here.


Slotted waste

If your counter top basin has an overflow built into its design then you will require a slotted waste.


Unslotted waste

If your basin doesn't feature an integral overflow then you will need an unslotted waste.


Push button waste

A push button waste is probably the most commonly found waste for these basin types as it is simple to use and also fits the clean, modern look well. Always double check that the waste you're interested in is actually compatible with your style of basin before purchasing.

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