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Bathroom Suites Buying Guide

Introduction to bathroom suites

A bathroom suite is what makes up the lion's share of your bathroom. It includes the toilet, basin, bath and shower and, in some cases, bathroom suites can include bathroom accessories.

At Victorian Plumbing we sell three varieties of suite to complete your bathroom, cloakroom or small bathroom. Deciding on which type of suite you need is simply a case of the space you are working with.

What are the different types of bathroom suites?

Bathroom suites have the full luxury you need in your main bathroom; space is no object, these bathrooms can be roomy, decadent sets with full toilet, cisterns and pedestal basins.

A cloakroom suite is ideal for compact bathrooms where intelligent use of space and maximising floor space is important. A toilet and basin are the key pieces to creating a functional and stylish bathroom. This suite is perfect for en suites, guest bathrooms and second bathrooms.

Small bathroom suites are again focused on using and maximising minimal space - this can include compact suites, close coupled toilets, wall hung units and even compact shower baths.

How many pieces do you require?

4 Piece Suite: These suites consist of four parts, most commonly a pedestal, basin, toilet pan and cistern. A 4 piece bathroom suite allows you to get a complete bathroom quickly, stylishly and cost effectively, with lots of design options and combinations.

5 Piece Suite: 5 Piece Suite: A 5 piece suite is ideal for main bathrooms, as they include all of the items within a 4 piece suite and a bathtub on top, so with one purchase you can gain a complete master bathroom.

Vanity Unit Suites

Some bathroom suites come with a vanity unit included. This unit will typically take the place of a pedestal, so the basin will sit within the vanity unit itself. This is a great way to add storage space to your bathroom as well as style.

Modern & Traditional Suites

The two main suite styles for bathrooms are modern, also known as contemporary, and classic which is commonly referred to as traditional. While there are alternatives, customisable options and bespoke styles available, you can broadly decide on what kind of bathroom you want from these 2 categories.

A traditional bathroom suite will lean towards beautiful, elegant designs, recessed details and Victorian-inspired style, while modern suites will utilise geometric designs, unusual styles and typically have more space-saving features available.

What do you need in addition?

The most important parts you'll need to add to your bathroom suite are the taps. Bathrooms need bath taps, basin taps and waste/overflow systems to be fully functional. It is another opportunity to customise your bathroom in your own unique way and give it a bespoke feel, so choose something that suits your bathroom motif.

1th & 2th

If you're confused by the use of 1th and 2th then you're not alone. Although at first glance it does look like a mathematical equation it is quite simple. It basically means how many tap holes (th) your bathroom suite has.

1 tap hole (1th) suites will require a tap that fits into one hole in your basin for example a mono tap, while 2 tap hole suites require taps with 2 connections for separate bathroom taps.

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