Shower Trays Buying Guide

Choosing The Right Shower Tray


Choosing a shower tray might not seem like the most glamorous thing in the world, but when it comes to getting your shower enclosure right it is vitally important that you pick one that fits perfectly and is practical for regular use. If you're struggling to find exactly what you need then don't worry as we'll be explaining all the essential bits you need to know as we go along.


Different types of shower tray


Quadrant trays

One of the more popular examples, quadrant shower trays are both practical and durable. They are also a good choice for smaller bathrooms as they don't take up too much room due to them being fitted in corners. There are plenty of sizes on offer to so finding one that is suitable for your quadrant enclosure should be a doddle.


Rectangle trays

These trays are great for creating a luxurious, spacious feel and are ideal for large bathrooms. They can be raised and used with large enclosures or fitted flush to the floor to create wet rooms.


Square trays

These versatile options can be used in just about any bathroom regardless of its size. Because they aren't rounded on one side they can also be positioned wherever you like in the room too, making them a very practical choice. There are various colours available and they come in styles which include up-stands for a raised enclosure, or flush to the floor for a wet room.


Offset trays

While they can be used in any setting, offset shower trays are perfect for saving space in smaller bathrooms as they are fitted into the corner and form the base of an enclosure. With plenty of size options to choose from they are a sensible pick that will keep things practical as well as stylish.


Pentagon trays

The beauty of pentagon trays is that they are designed to be easily placed into the corner of a bathroom. Their compact nature makes them a very practical choice for smaller settings and en-suites. They will also create a more interesting looking room as most people have gone for quadrant enclosures these days.


Freestanding shower trays: Now, if you want a traditional bathroom with the wow factor then these trays are a must. Featuring period influenced legs, they are raised and capture the look of Victorian styling effortlessly. They are usually made using cast iron for a highly durable, robust finish. A great choice if you want your bathroom to make a statement.


What are they made from?

Most shower trays will be manufactured using a durable stone resin. This material is light and will offer a good level of flexibility too. Other trays will use an acrylic build instead.


Are they easy to clean?

Yes, shower trays aren't difficult to maintain at all. A simple wipe down after each shower should do the trick. If you haven't got time for that then cleaning them once a week with a dedicated cleaner and a rag or sponge will bring them up a treat. It's best not to let them go unwashed for long periods of time however as this can lead to the build-up of limescale.

Also a word of warning to those who use hair dye: the chemicals in some of these dyes can stain the tray. If this stain is not removed quickly it can become extremely tough to get out so be careful!

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