Comfort Height Toilets Buying Guide

Choosing A Comfort Height Toilet

If you're a tall person or find bending down difficult then you may find using a regular toilet a bit of a struggle. You might have thought to yourself that there must be a higher sitting toilet which would be much more easier to use. Well there is...

What Is A Comfort Height Toilet

A comfort height toilet has a higher sitting pan which enables taller people and people with restricted movements to use the toilet in more comfort. They're just like regular toilets apart from their height difference and come in a variety of modern and traditional styles including:

Close Coupled Comfort Height Toilets: If you like close coupled toilets but need one which sits slightly higher then choose a close coupled comfort height toilet.

Back To Wall Comfort Height Toilet: A back to wall comfort height toilet seat sits flush to the wall and is slightly higher to offer easier access than a standard back to wall (BTW) toilet.

Comfort Height Combination WC Unit: Just like a standard combination WC unit which has a toilet connected to a unit concealing the cistern, a comfort height combination WC unit is seated higher for added comfort and easier use.

Comfort Height Low Level Toilets: The traditional low level toilet design is favoured by many with its cistern positioned slightly above the pan. The comfort height option has a raised toilet pan for easier access and comfort. You can also get medium level comfort height toilets too.

What You Need To Know About Comfort Height Toilets

Comfort height toilets are perfect for tall people and people who struggle to bend or sit comfortably on regular toilets. The added height provides a comfortable experience and allows for getting down and getting back up much easier. For added comfort and easier use you can also get comfort height toilets with extended projection.

What's In The Box?

When you buy a comfort height toilet you'll always get the cistern and pan together. Depending on the toilet you choose you'll receive either a button flush or cistern lever. A toilet seat and fixing kit usually comes with your comfort height toilet too but not in every case.

What Isn't?

If your comfort height toilet hasn't come with a fixing kit you'll need to buy one of these. These aren't expensive and are a relatively small cost compared to a toilet. A toilet seat is essential for a comfort height toilet so if yours doesn't come with one you'll need to purchase one of these separately. Prices start from approx £12.95.

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