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Bathroom Heating Buying Guide

What are the different types of bathroom heating? Radiators

Radiators provide an excellent source of heat, allowing you to keep warm when you're going about your daily bathroom routine. There are a wide variety of styles and sizes to choose from, meaning you can get just the right bathroom heating product to meet your specifications.

Convector Radiators: Convector radiators are a very popular style. This is due to the fact that they are very versatile items, as they come in numerous sizes and look great in both modern and traditional bathrooms.

Designer Radiators: For those looking for bathroom heating style, designer radiators will give your bathroom a trendy and bespoke image. Available in a vast range of traditional and contemporary offerings, covering various colours, sizes and shapes including portrait and landscape, these items are becoming increasingly popular.

Column Radiators: Sometimes called Colosseum radiators these items feature pleasant, often decorative, designs. Suitable for period bathrooms, they come in numerous shapes, sizes, and finishes that will enable you to harmonise one with your bathroom. These radiators can also be used in modern settings too!

Heated Towel Rails

Bathroom heated towel rails are ideal for smaller spaces. They are also a great accompaniment to radiators in large bathrooms, as they can be inserted near your bath or shower, keeping you warm immediately after showering.

Traditional Towel Rails: With their authentic period looks, these heated bathroom towel rails will make a charming addition in any similarly styled bathroom. Their compact nature makes them ideally suited to en-suites and guest bathrooms, so your visitors can have the benefit of warm towels after a shower.

Important information

Can heated towel rails go in the normal plumbing system?

Most heated towel rails can be plumbed directly into the central heating system the way a radiator would. These rails will need valves to regulate the level of heat required. There is a large range of valves to choose from, allowing you to easily complement the design of your bathroom towel rail.

However, there are electric versions available which eliminate the need to connect the towel rail to the heating system. These items can also generate significantly more heat than regular towel rails so be sure to mount them where you won't accidentally catch yourself on the hot surface.

What is BTU?

BTU (British Thermal Unit) is a way to see how much heat a radiator will generate. It shows the amount of energy used to heat one pound of water by one degree. This is a great way of deciding whether or not a specific item is going to provide adequate heating for your bathroom. Consider the size of the room when purchasing as this will dictate what to go for. A smaller radiator will usually have a BTU of around 1,324, while larger items will be around 1,903. Be sure to check the specification of any radiator you are considering purchasing as it should display a BTU figure.

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