How to Keep Your Bathroom Warm in the Winter

By Trinity

7th Oct 2022

4 mins read

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Nothing is worse than a chilly bathroom, so check out our expert guide full of useful tips and tricks to keep a cold bathroom warm this winter.

Green Bathroom with Black Heated Towel Rail

We’re all looking for ways to keep warm this winter, and more often than not one of the coldest rooms in the house can be your bathroom. As beautiful and practical as bathroom tiles can be, they can definitely be chilly to the touch. However, there are plenty of ways to create a warm bathroom both with and without heating.

12 Ways to keep a cold bathroom cosy warm

There’s nothing worse than dark mornings and a cold bathroom, so we’ve put together a list of tricks and tips to heat your bathroom.

1. Check your windows

Modern White Bathroom Suite

Windows can be one of the main causes when it comes to a chilly bathroom. When not properly insulated and sealed, not only can they let the cold in, but they’ll also let any heat in your bathroom out. To avoid a cold bathroom this winter, make sure your bathroom windows are well insulated. If the seal around them seems to let in a bit of a draft, it might also be worth going over it with some caulk. Remember, the more windows you have, the more heat you will lose!

2. Rugs

White Bathroom Mat

Carpets in the bathroom is definitely a controversial take. Whilst we may not recommend carpeting the whole of your bathroom floor a nice rug or two could make a massive difference. As we’ve already mentioned, bathroom tiles can create an icy feel, so adding a rug or bath mat to the space can ease the harshness of the cold.

3. Underfloor heating

Underfloor Heating Kit

For a truly luxurious bathroom, why not give underfloor heating a go? Available in both electric underfloor heating, as well as water underfloor heating, it can be easily controlled by thermostats or even smart device apps. This means you can schedule underfloor heating to warm your bathroom floors ready for those frosty Monday mornings!

4. Warm colour scheme

Green Rustic Bathroom Tiles

Although this may not bring any physical heat to your bathroom, a warmer colour scheme can go a long way. Whilst blues and whites can be incredibly stylish wall colours, they can have very cool tones. Warmer colours like deep greens and wood tones can help reduce that icy feel!

5. Heated Towel Rail

Green bathroom black heated towel rail

There is no better feeling than stepping out of the bath or shower and having a nice and warm towel ready for you. That’s what makes heated towel rails so great! Available in a variety of colours, finishes, designs and styles, heated towel rails can warm your towels as well as just taking that cold edge out of the bathroom air. Make sure you bleed your radiators regularly to ensure they operate at optimum capacity!

6. Don’t turn on your extractor fan

Extractor Fan

Extractor fans suck all the humidity and heat out of the bathroom. Avoiding turning on the fan until after you have finished showering will mean that all the heat remains in the room. Some purifying plants like English Ivy will also help keep the moisture at bay if you’re concerned about damp spreading.

7. Paint your bathroom

Traditional Bathroom Suite

Small changes can make a big difference. For some extra insulation in your bathroom, you might want to pay closer attention to the paint you use. There are plenty of bathroom paints that possess insulating or heat reflective qualities to ensure that the warmth in your bathroom stays in your bathroom.

8. Warm lighting

Round Backlit Mirror

As great as LED lights can be, a lot of them have an icy blue undertone. Opting for warm lighting in your bathroom can help shift that cold atmosphere and give off a warmer vibe!

9. Plants

Arched Shower Screen Wetroom

There’s no limit to the wonders plants can do for a bathroom. From creating a stunning natural aesthetic to actually helping to keeping a cold bathroom warm, they’re great for any space. Certain plants such as spider plants can increase the humidity in your bathroom, which in turn can increase the warmth in your space.

10. Larger shower head

Black Shower Head

Still feeling the chill even when you’re in the shower is not an enjoyable experience. That’s why opting for a larger shower head could be the solution you need. Rainfall shower headsTower showers, and other large fixed shower heads have a greater surface area. This means that they release more water in one go, covering more of your body when you take a shower. A larger shower head will help you stay immersed in the warm water.

11. Heat bulbs

Light Bulb

Although these might not make a massive difference, heat bulbs in place of your typical LED or halogen bulbs will help to pacify that sharp cold bathroom feel.

12. Shower with the door shut

It may sound obvious to some, but showering with the bathroom door shut is definitely worth mentioning. Showers and bathroom radiators can accumulate a decent amount of warmth, but if you keep the door open all of that heat will escape.


So, if you want to avoid shivering in your bathroom this winter, why not give some of our top tips on how to warm a cold bathroom a go!



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