Wall Tiles Buying Guide

Everything you need to know before buying Wall Tiles 

As one of the most crucial parts of the bathroom to get right, it can often be tough finding just the right wall tiles to really give your setting the stunning backdrop it deserves. In this guide we'll outline the important things you need to know when choosing new tiles and also help you establish exactly what will be right for your bathroom.

Create a stunning visual effect

Of course, tiles are all about making a statement. They show off your creativity and give your bathroom a unique look which is personal to you. Combining different styles can lead to some beautiful effects too so keep this in mind if you have a specific area of the room which you would like to highlight. Your options include:


Featuring either large or small squares which make up each individual tile, these items will give your bathroom walls a smart, contemporary effect. There are some interesting finishes available too, such as natural stone and even some funky metallic colours. Great for more individual settings.


These tiles can include anything from floral designs to diamond shaped patterns. Using these to pick out certain elements of a room is a good idea which can have a real eye-pleasing effect when done well.


Using border tiles is an ideal way to break up the look of the bathroom. Placing them around the walls can create a more interesting effect and avoid the room looking too samey and one dimensional.


Deciding which material is best for your bathroom wall tiles will come down to several factors including cost, suitability and personal preference.


These tiles are manufactured using a mixture of clay and sand. This gives them a tougher finish which is more resistant to knocks and scratches. They are a good option if you're planning on having a wet room installed as they have a lower rate of water absorbency than other tiles.


Made using a natural clay, ceramic tiles have a glazed finish which will give your bathroom walls an extra level of style. This finish also makes them very easy to maintain too, which is handy.

A word about grout

It's all well and good choosing the perfect tiles, but they won't be much good to you without a quality grout! Grouting is essential as it seals the gaps between each individual tile, securing them tightly to the wall. Grout contains a mixture of cement, sand and water which combines to create a protective seal.

What is a W.A. rating?

The W.A. (water absorption) rating of your tiles basically tells you whether they are suitable for specific areas or not. There are four different ratings: Nonvitreous, Semivitreous, Vitreous and Impervious. As a general rule it's best to avoid using either non or semivitreous tiles in your bathroom as they have a higher level of water absorption.

How do I work out just how many tiles I will need?

In order to avoid the hassle of massively over-buying (or even worse not ordering enough) it's recommended that you work out just how many tiles you will actually need to cover the walls. This can be done easily by using a tile calculator. We have a tile calculator tab on each product page, and all you need to do is take some measurements of the walls before typing the numbers into the calculator and seeing how many tiles you'll need.

Always remember to order slightly more tiles than you need just in case any get broken or damaged at any point. Buy around 10% more to accommodate this.

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