Ladder Heated Towel Rail Buying Guide

How to Choose A Heated Towel Rail For Your Bathroom

Designed as either an ideal accompaniment to your radiator in a large bathroom, or as a main source of warmth for smaller settings, heated towel rails are highly stylish and very practical items that will add an excellent touch to your bathroom regardless of the style of the fittings and décor you have chosen.

Where do you intend to install it?

Depending on where you plan on installing the towel rail, you will need to take some measurements to ensure it'll fit properly. Consider both the size of the item itself and that of the wall it will be mounted on before buying.

Make a note of any obstructions and also locate where the pipes will be connected if it is not replacing an existing radiator. You also need between 10 and 20cm at the bottom of the radiator to allow connection.

What are my installation options?

There are a number of ways to install a towel rail, depending on what's ideal for you:

Central heating

The towel rail is plumbed directly into the central heating system and uses a set of valves to adjust the level of heat required. When installed in this way, towel rails will work exactly the same as a regular radiator.

Electric option

If your property has no central heating, there are towel rails available that will run on electricity. These are a cost effective alternative that will still allow you to keep your towels toasty while also warming the bathroom.

Combining the two

These items basically allow you to use either the central heating system or electricity to heat the rail. An ideal choice as you can turn the central heating off over the summer but still have warm towels after a bath or shower.

A word about BTU

British Thermal Unit (BTU) enables you to see exactly how much heat a radiator will put out. You need to decide whether your towel rail will only serve to heat towels or if it will be used as a main heat outlet for the bathroom as this will affect what you should be looking for in terms of BTU. A larger radiator will normally have a bigger BTU output.


There are many different sizes available. Some towel rails feature wider designs, while others are taller and slimmer. The size of the room will dictate how big you can go. There are numerous compact designs out there which are a great option for bathrooms which aren't as spacious; so regardless of how large the room is, there are towel rails to suit.

What styles are available?

The great thing about heated towel rails is that there are plenty of styles to pick from. Regardless of whether you want contemporary or traditional looks there is something to suit your tastes. Modern items include stunning ladder towel rails, which are available in either straight or curved options and are usually finished in either chrome, black or white for a fresh look.

Traditional variants include column style rails which perfectly capture the essence of period designs. These items are usually supplied in either chrome or gold with a white column design in the middle for a truly classic statement. Remember to choose something that will match the rest of your fittings for a stunning finish.

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