En Suite Bathrooms Buying Guide

Discover A Range Of En Suites That Suit You 

The en-suite is one of those rooms that can often get a bit neglected when it comes to styling as many people install them as a practical measure and then find they don't use them as often as their main bathroom which means that the suite which has been installed can start to look dated.

This is a shame as en-suite bathrooms offer you a chance to create something quite funky. You see, because they're not a major feature in the house you can be a bit more bold with your décor; but replacing a tired suite with a fresh new one should be your first priority. Here's what you need to know.

Why is an en-suite right for me?

Besides creating a nicer space for yourself if you have one attached to your bedroom, an en-suite bathroom is also brilliant if you regularly have friends staying over. A nice set of fixtures will always go down well with your visitors so it's worth upgrading them if they look tired. They make a really nice addition to guest bedrooms.

These packages aren't just ideal for actual en-suites either; if you happen to have a small bathroom then the compact nature of these designs will give you the style you want without taking up too much room in the process so this is worth keeping in mind.

What's included in the set?

Our en-suite bathrooms comprise of a toilet, basin, shower enclosure and tray. Each set features items which complement each other perfectly so you can create a more coordinated look.

What isn't included?

You should be aware that there are some things which aren't included with our en-suites. You will need to purchase a tap and waste separately.

A word about shower trays

A lot of our trays are reversible, which is handy as it allows you to position the enclosure in numerous places. Most of our quadrant items have the same radius on the curved part so it's just the length and width sizes which change. Buying the tray with the enclosure as part of your en-suite however means you don't have to worry about sizes.

What about building regulations?

Adding an en-suite to your home isn't necessarily as simple as just going right ahead and doing it. You will need to comply with building regulations which means that the room will need adequate ventilation which will usually come in the form of some kind of extractor fan or vent. If you plan on adding a new window then you may also need planning permission for this so these are things which you need to be aware of before any work begins.


We strongly recommend hiring a professional to install your new en-suite for you as this will minimise the risk of anything going wrong. If you know what you're doing however then fitting the products yourself shouldn't be too difficult as long as you take your time (and always remember to turn the water off at the mains before carrying out any plumbing work!)

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