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Shower Doors Buying Guide


Your shower enclosure is obviously an essential part of your bathroom (well, unless you happen to have a bath instead!), so it's important that you choose exactly the right one to suit your requirements. If you happen to be building your enclosure into an alcove, or are constructing one using glass side panels, then you'll be needing a good quality shower door to provide that perfect finishing touch. In this guide we'll look at the various types of door available to you, and whether or not they will be suitable for your particular setting.

Different types of door

Hinged/pivot doors: These are your most commonly found type of shower door. They will open outwards and are great if you want a neat look to your recessed enclosure. You can get framed or frameless options depending on what your preference is. A good choice for the majority of bathrooms, the only place we wouldn't suggest using one is in very small settings as they can take up a bit of room when they swing out so it's best to make sure you have enough space available before investing in one.

Bi-fold doors: An ideal choice for smaller bathrooms and en-suites, bi-folding shower doors have a join in the middle which allows the door to fold in on itself when opened which is a practical way to save space. They will suit pretty much any bathroom too and are available in plenty of different sizes so you can easily find one that suits the exact measurements you need.

Sliding doors: These doors are great for adding a slightly more luxurious feel to bathrooms. Their sliding mechanism is also very practical and is great for saving space. Due to their size however, they are only really ideal for larger bathrooms as the door needs to be able to slide properly which means these items are often wider than other doors. Keep this in mind and take some measurements of your room before selecting a sliding shower door.

How easy are they to install?

Shower doors are not overly difficult items to fit yourself as long as you are familiar with this kind of installation. If you're a novice when it comes to DIY, or aren't overly confident in your capabilities then we recommend contacting a professional to install it for you as this should prevent any damage from occurring.

Are they easy to maintain?

In a nutshell, yes, shower doors are very easy to maintain. To keep them clean all you need is some white vinegar and a clean cloth. This will quickly remove any stains or water marks the glass may have picked up. Use a second, dry cloth to gently dab away any excess vinegar once rubbed in as this will avoid any unsightly streaking appearing. A shower squeegee is also a great, inexpensive tool that will leave a stunning, crystal clear finish.

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