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WC unit Buying Guide


If you're looking for a modern or traditional toilet which can blend in nicely with furniture or just something which is neat, tidy and stylish then a WC unit is a truly worthy option to consider.

What Is A WC Unit?

A WC unit is a toilet pan which is connected to a vanity unit styled back to wall unit which conceals a cistern. This not only looks much neater than some toilets and cisterns but some WC units are also designed to match up with bathroom furniture too. There are several types of WC units to choose from which include:

Standard WC Unit: A standard WC unit is stylish and practical. They'll fit in most bathrooms and come in both modern and traditional designs.

Slimline WC Unit: These modern WC units have a slimline design to help save space in smaller bathrooms and cloakrooms. They're usually found in ultra-modern designs.

Combination WC Unit and Basin: For a very practical, space-saving idea consider a combination WC unit and basin. The basin sits on top of the unit and combines two of the most important bathroom fixtures in one clever design.

What You Need To Know About WC Units?

WC units are becoming increasingly popular within the UK. They can save space if you choose a slimline version and look neat and tidy which makes them great for small bathroom spaces. Some of them come with dual flush which helps save water too.

What's In The Box?

When you buy a WC unit you'll always get the unit, cistern and pan together. Modern designs come with a button flush which is supplied whereas traditional options usually have a lever handle which is also supplied. In most cases they'll come with a seat and a fixing kit too but not in every case. A combination WC unit will come with a basin.

What Isn't?

If your unit hasn't come with a fixing kit you'll need to invest in one of these. They're not expensive but you will need one. A toilet seat is essential for comfort so if your WC unit doesn't come with one you'll need to purchase one of these separately. Prices start from around £12.95. If you choose a combination WC unit it will more than likely come without a tap and waste which will need to be purchased separately.

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