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Vanity Units Bathroom Suites Buying Guide


When planning your bathroom, your choice of suite will of course be high on your list of priorities. This doesn't just have to mean a simple toilet and basin combo however; our range of vanity units bathroom suites offers an alternative for those looking for something with a little storage space. This brief guide will explain why they could be an ideal upgrade.

Why should I consider a vanity unit suite?

These suites are a great idea for many reasons. If you have a large family for example, you're going to be well aware of the need for storage space, so a vanity unit is a practical solution. These packages are also worth looking into if you have a small bathroom or en-suite as they offer space-saving functionality, combining a storage area with the basin which solves 2 problems at once. Vanity units bathroom suites are also available in various modern and traditional designs so you don't need to worry about finding a style to suit your bathroom.

What do I get with my order?

Most of these suites comprise of a toilet and a vanity unit. The sizes and styles vary quite a lot so be sure to select something that will both fit your bathroom and also provide the amount of storage space you're looking for. Some of our packages do come with other fixtures though, such as a bathtub or a matching tall cabinet; these are definitely worth looking at if you have a large bathroom.

Do I need to purchase anything separately?

Yes, you'll normally have to buy your taps and wastes separately so it's worth making a note of this. When a bathtub is supplied as part of the set, you may also need to purchase a bath screen and end panel separately, so always double check the product description to see if this is the case.