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Vanity Combination Units


Bathrooms are getting smaller and smaller and homeowners are looking at ways of adding extra bathrooms to homes such as cloakrooms and en-suites to help increase practicality and style. With this in mind, bathroom manufacturers are always looking to help homeowners overcome the problems of practicality and space. One increasingly popular solution is a vanity combination unit.

What Is A Vanity Combination Unit?

Vanity combination units consist of a toilet, vanity unit and washbasin all in one piece of furniture. Combining all of these essential bathroom products into one not only saves space but it also saves money and looks totally stylish too!

What Types Of Combined vanity Units Are There?

2-in-1 Vanity Combination Units: A 2-in-1 vanity combination unit comprises a toilet, cistern, which is concealed within the unit, and a washbasin. Their compact design and beautiful looks make them hugely popular in en-suites and cloakrooms.

Vanity Combination Unit Bathroom Suites: A vanity combination unit bathroom suite combines a toilet, washbasin and vanity unit to add practicality and style to any bathroom. Perfect for smaller bathrooms, these ultra-useful suites help save space without compromising style!

What's In The Box?

With all vanity combination units you'll receive the toilet pan, cistern, unit and washbasin. With the suite you'll also receive a vanity unit as well. Some of them may come with taps and waste but most won't. A toilet seat may come with your unit however, do check because sometimes they're not included.

What Isn't?

With most combination units the basin taps and waste will not be included. These items are essential for the item's functionality so you will need to purchase them separately if they haven't been included in your package. If you're combination unit doesn't come with a toilet seat you'll also need to source one of these.