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Triple Shower Valves Buying Guide


If you're putting together a more luxurious shower system than usual, perhaps with various outlets such as body jets and handsets incorporated into the design, then a standard shower valve simply won't cut it. What you need is something called a triple shower valve, as these items are created to be able to handle multiple accessories. In this guide we'll explain what these valves are, what they do, and whether one would be a good choice for your bathroom.

How does it work?

A triple shower valve allows you to accurately adjust the flow and temperature of the shower to meet your specific requirements. They are normally thermostatic too, so the risk of being scalded if someone else in the house turns a tap on is eliminated.

Regular triple shower valves allow two accessories to be connected to them, while items which house a diverter will be able to take three outlets. This means that additional upgrades such as handsets or body jets can easily be incorporated into your shower. Triple shower valves also have an advantage over twin valves as they let you use two outlets simultaneously.

Concealed or exposed?

So you've probably already noticed that some valves look a bit different from others, and we don't just mean in terms of modern or traditional handles either. Some look quite flush while others feature more intricate, chunky designs. Well, that's because there are two main kinds of triple shower valve available; concealed and exposed.

Concealed shower valves are an ideal choice in modern settings as they are much more simplistic. The sleek, clean looks are a bit part of their appeal, and with minimalist bathrooms being a particular fashion at the moment, they have really rocketed in popularity. The pipes and mechanicals are kept hidden behind the wall with a concealed valve, leaving just the controls on display for a more bespoke feel.

Alternatively, exposed shower valves feature more ornate looking designs due to the entire mechanism of the unit being on display inside your shower enclosure. They aren't a common sight these days but we do still see them occasionally. This can potentially put some people off as they can look a little dated in comparison to concealed options however their image can be ideal for more traditionally influenced settings as they look fantastic when combined with Victorian style showers.

Will this type of valve work with my shower?

This all depends on how much water pressure your system has. Each triple valve will have a specific minimum water pressure rating (you can find this in the product description underneath each item). If your shower doesn't meet the minimum requirement listed, then the valve will not be able to function properly.

There are various pumps available which will help increase your water pressure if yours is particularly low. Keep in mind that triple shower valves with diverters will need a higher water pressure as they generally have more to do.

Is a triple shower valve right for my bathroom?

Available in both modern and traditional styles, triple shower valves are ideal for pretty much any bathroom. If you're installing a concealed item, it's best to make sure that the selected wall can handle having the mechanism installing inside it first to avoid any complications. Triple valves allow you to run more accessories from your shower, giving you a more luxurious result. The only downside is they do tend to be more expensive than twin shower valves, so do take this into consideration prior to buying.