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Traditional Taps Buying Guide


You know those gorgeous vintage bathrooms you see on period dramas sometimes? The ones with the grand freestanding bathtubs and pedestal basins? Well they'll no doubt have a set of traditional taps fitted, and it's these smaller details which can make all the difference when you actually view these rooms in the flesh. With this in mind we've compiled a handy guide to help you choose exactly what taps are right for your classically inspired bathroom.

What are my options?

We have a wide array of ranges available which feature stunning period designs, such as the beautiful crosshead handles found on our Beaumont collection, or the lever style taps of the Bloomsbury range. But choosing new traditional taps is about more than just great looks; there are other things to take into consideration, as we'll explain here.

Choosing a style:

Separate taps: Classic bathroom settings benefit from the slightly old fashioned method of using two separate taps for hot and cold water. A crosshead design would look superb here, and there are also gold taps available for that extra touch of authenticity.

Bridge taps: These taps are great for filling bathtubs as the hot and cold taps are situated either side of a bridge which has a spout, allowing you to easily set the perfect water temperature.

Mono basin mixers: These taps are ideal if you have a basin with just the one tap hole, or if the room is slightly smaller than usual (such as a cloakroom or en-suite). They place two handles either side of a single spout which allows you to receive either hot or cold water from just the one tap.

Bath shower mixers: If you want a fantastic upgrade for your freestanding bath then these taps are a great option. They combine taps, a large spout, shower kit and diverter to give you a more complete experience.

How easy are they to install?

This can vary depending on what exactly is being installed and to which item. While fitting new taps isn't a demanding task for those who know what they're doing, we wouldn't recommend attempting to install them yourself if you aren't overly confident in your abilities as it's easy for things to go wrong. Contact a qualified plumber if you don't think you're up to the task as it'll save you a massive headache later on.

Is water pressure important?

In a word: yes. You need to pay attention to the minimum water pressure rating for each tap (listed on our website for each product) as choosing a tap which isn't compatible with your system means it simply won't be able to function properly. Measure your water pressure with a pressure gauge and make sure you go for a tap which is suitable for your level of water pressure.

What exactly are screw down taps?

Put simply, screw down traditional taps are the older designs which keep the taps apart as two separate items rather than featuring both hot and cold together as a monobloc design. They are screwed one way to turn them on, then the opposite direction to turn them off. They happen to look brilliant in traditional settings too!

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