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Traditional Freestanding Baths Buying Guide

Introduction to freestanding baths

For a genuinely stunning bathroom centrepiece there's little that can beat the sheer luxury of a traditional freestanding bath. These stylish bathtubs have been around for many years and their period heritage has a timeless appeal that just refuses to ever go out of fashion. If you have a classically influenced bathroom, a freestanding bath will probably be quite high up on your list of essential items, so with that in mind we've created this guide to help you choose just the right one for your setting.

What styles are available?

There is a wide range of options available when it comes to searching for that perfect freestanding traditional bath, with many being manufactured using highly durable twin-skinned acrylic. Here's a list of your choices and what they can offer you:

Roll Top Baths: The classic freestanding bath. Available in either single or double ended versions, they feature legs and feet, usually chrome ball and claw, which raise the bath up giving it a stunning, graceful appearance that is ideal for generating an authentic vintage look.

Slipper Baths: These traditional freestanding baths feature a raised side (or even both sides), which allows you to enjoy a much deeper soak. Their relatively compact nature makes them a good choice for smaller bathrooms as they don't take up as much room as regular baths.

Bateau: These gorgeous baths feature super deep styling that will enable you to have a truly relaxing soak. They are a highly luxurious item that will transform the look of any traditional bathroom.

What taps will I need for a traditional freestanding bath?

There is a good variety of taps out there for traditional freestanding baths to suit different tastes and styles. One of the following options is what you'll be needing.

Freestanding Taps: These taps will complement a freestanding bath beautifully as they are luxuriously designed items that are ideal for traditional settings. Standing free from the bath itself, they can be customised with chrome pipe shrouds for a truly elegant look. Your best bet would be to go for some cross-head style handles and a traditional bath shower mixer combination for the ultimate finish.

Wall Mounted Taps: As the name suggests, these taps are mounted to the wall and positioned over your bathtub. They are a great idea if you don't want to drill tap holes into the bath itself, or if the tub simply won't accommodate them as with authentic-styled traditional freestanding baths. These taps also have the advantage of concealing pipework, giving you a clean, minimalist appearance.

Deck Mounted Taps: These taps are simply fitted to the edge of the bath itself which is great if you need to keep things practical and keep space at a premium. They are available in numerous designs from mixers to separate taps. Cross-head or lever handle designs will suit traditional freestanding baths best.

What about wastes?

The waste is obviously an integral part of any bathtub, and when it comes to traditional examples there are plenty of styles to choose from including click clack and pop up wastes. For a brilliant traditional aesthetic a classic plug and chain waste will give the bath that little extra touch of authenticity. Check which waste you'll need before buying though as different baths may require specific bath wastes.


One of the defining features of traditional freestanding baths is the feet on which they stand. The classic look is to have ball and claw feet as they give off a period charm. There are plenty of styles and colour options so have a browse around and pick something that will be well-suited to your particular bath.