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Square Shower Enclosures Buying Guide


Too some people, a shower enclosure is just that, a shower enclosure. For others, the style, shape and size of their shower enclosure actually matters a great deal. With square shower enclosures you have a fail-safe method of choosing a shower enclosure no matter which buyer you are.

What Is A Square Shower Enclosure?

A square shower enclosure is, yes you guessed it, square in shape. Its boxlike shape means that it is incredibly suited to bathroom corners.

Door Styles For Square Shower Enclosures

There's four types of shower doors you can purchase for square enclosures; bi-fold doors, pivot doors, sliding doors and hinged doors. Bi-Fold doors are a hinged door option with space-saving functionality. Instead opening otwards they fold in half which not only saves spaces but looks super stylish too! Pivot doors work just like hinged doors except they're hinged from the top and bottom of the door rather than using side hinges. Sliding shower doors are excellent space-savers as you don't need to worry about clearance of out-swinging doors. Hinged shower doors swing outwards and require enough room for a person to enter them. These are usually more ideal for larger settings.

Square Shower Enclosure Frames

Square shower enclosures come in framed or frameless styles. The frameless style looks elegant and modern whilst the framed style adds a nice touch and outlines the square shower enclosures features! The one you choose is totally up to you and down to each individuals taste.

What's In The Box?

A square enclosure comes with shower glass, shower doors, rollers and the fixings for assembly. Some of them will come with a shower tray but not all of them do so please check each product for what's in the pack.

What's Not?

Many shower enclosures will not come with a shower tray. For a square shower enclosure you'll need a square shower tray. You'll also require a complete shower, which doesn't come with an enclosure, and is certainly required for that full shower experience.