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Small Bathroom Suites


Don't have the luxury of a large bathroom? Still want a designer look? Not a problem! You see there was a time when finding features to fit a small bathroom meant sacrificing style in order to keep things practical. Thankfully those days are long gone, and with our wide range of small bathroom suites you'll be able to create something that is not only functional, but also stylish too!

When would I need a small bathroom suite?

If you're looking to update the look of your cloakroom or en-suite these features will be ideal. The sleek, compact designs of our small bathroom suites allow you to free up some space, avoiding a cluttered, cramped feel to the room which let's face it nobody wants. There are several options you have, which we'll outline below:

Short projection toilet: These designs may look the same as regular close coupled toilets however they are more slimline versions that don't stick out as much from the wall. In short they're ideal for small bathrooms.

Wall hung basin: A great option for cloakrooms or en-suites, where room can be particularly tight, as they are attached to the wall, completely freeing up valuable floor space.

Vanity unit: You'll notice that some of our small bathroom suite packages come with a vanity unit. These sets are recommended if you need storage space that won't be too bulky or intrusive. Both wall and floor mounted designs are available - we'd recommend a wall hung vanity unit suite for really small cloakrooms, and a floor mounted option if the bathroom is used by numerous people as there will naturally be more need for storage in these circumstances.

Toilet/basin combination unit: A relatively new design, these clever space-saving units combine a toilet and basin together in a single fixture. The basin sits atop the cistern which frees up a considerable amount of room. It might sound a bit weird, but these combination units are definitely worth taking into consideration if you have a small bathroom.

Do I need to buy anything separately?

When purchasing one of our small bathroom suites you'll usually have to buy your tap and waste separately. Other items, such as chrome bottle traps and toilet seats may also need to be bought separately so have a thorough look through the product descriptions of the suites you're interested in before making a decision as these will tell you exactly what you are and aren't getting as a set.

How easy are these suites to install?

Fitting a suite in a small bathroom isn't too difficult a task provided you've got some plumbing experience. If you're a novice at this kind of thing however we strongly recommend that you leave it to the professionals to install everything for you.