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Sliding Bath Screens Buying Guide


Sometimes, bath screens can have there downsides such as, if you catch them with your arm they can sometimes swing out a bit from the bath and allow water to escape. For the ultimate in style and preventing those water leakages you might want to consider a sliding bath screen.

What is a sliding bath screen?

A sliding bath screen is designed to offer the best of both world between a folding screen and a standard bath screen. It means you can neatly slide it away towards the bathroom wall when you've finished using it and also creates a more open bathing experience too. The sliding mechanism allows you to almost enclose yourself in as you shower and can create a cubicle like effect.

What sliding bath screen sizes are available?

Sliding bath screens are typically measured in millimetres (mm). They come in a wide range of widths and heights ranging from 1065mm to 1700mm fully extended. The height is usually 1400mm but some are as tall as 1480mm.

How easy are they to install?

Installing a sliding bath screen isn't the easiest of all bath screens, but it can be quite straightforward. If you haven't done anything like this before we advise you seek the help of a professional.

Do sliding bath screens require much maintenance?

Sliding bath screens are a great choice for those who want something that is practical and easy to clean. They're easy to maintain too. A simple wipe down after each use or weekly scrub is enough to keep your bath screen looking good for years! Using a standard cleaner is advised, nothing too strong, and try to wipe down after each use for best results.