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Shower Cabins Buying Guide


For the ultimate in modern luxury, you'll find it difficult to beat the feeling of stepping into a shower cabin. These products basically make it possible for you to have the full spa experience in your own bathroom. If you want a shower that has body jets and steam functions which massage and relax you then look no further!

What choices of shower cabin are available?

Self-contained showers: The most basic example of a shower cabin still has some fantastic options on offer. These items basically take a regular shower enclosure and add body jets into the mix to make showering a more enjoyable experience.

Shower cabins: These items offer some additional gadgets to play with. There are options available with LED mood lighting, mp3 and Bluetooth functions, and speakers built into the enclosure so you can sing along to your favourite songs.

Steam shower cabins: By adding steam functions into the mix, these shower cabins allow you to get the deluxe spa treatment at home. There are also health benefits from these cabins as they help to relieve stress and can also benefit those who may suffer from respiratory problems.

Whirlpool and steam cabin: Now we're talking! For the complete spa experience, a whirlpool cabin adds bubbles into the equation and many come with integrated TV screens so you can chill out and enjoy an extremely relaxing environment without missing your favourite soap.

Will my home's water supply accommodate a shower cabin?

Shower cabins can be fitted in many bathrooms regardless of your water supply setup. You may need one or two extra items depending on your system, as detailed below.

Gravity system: If you have one of these systems you will need a cabin which is fitted with a pump (minimum of 2 bar pressure), and a thermostatic valve (these prevent the risk of scalding as it regulates the temperature of the water).

Combi boiler system: You'll ideally need to fit a pressure equalising valve with this system. This item prevents the thermostatic valve from being damaged.

Mains pressure unvented system: As these layouts store hot water in a tank (normally located in the airing cupboard), the only additional item you'll need is a thermostatic valve to keep the temperature regulated.

How much space do I need?

Unlike regular shower enclosures, shower cabins are not fixed to the wall as they are freestanding items. They are generally quite bulky however and can take up a fair amount of space. The first thing to take into account is the size of the room. It's not going to fit into most cloakrooms or small bathrooms for example, so ensure you have sufficient space available first.

If you're not sure whether your bathroom will fit a shower cabin it's a good idea to check the dimensions on each product page. A quadrant shower cabin can sit neatly in a corner space of a bathroom so take a look at these options if you haven't got the luxury of a large bathroom.

Also avoid installing the cabin near any other fittings as this may cause problems if you need to remove it at a later stage. It's also important to make sure that it sits completely flush to the floor, and is not leaning or obstructed in any way as this could potentially be very dangerous. Finally, make sure any pipework at the back of the unit is properly connected and not protruding in any way to complete the look.

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