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Semi Recessed Basins

RAK Reserva Semi Recessed 55cm Basin Medium Image
Buying Guides

A great solution for those who want something a little bit different in their bathroom, semi recessed basins are a growing trend that?s really caught on in recent years. Available in various styles, our range will help you create a bathroom that has a slightly more unique look to it.

Is a semi recessed basin right for me?

This all depends really. If you want an ultra-modern, bespoke look that?s in-keeping with current design trends then a semi recessed basin is definitely an option you should consider. The sleek, understated styling of these fixtures is perfect if you want a clean, minimalist edge throughout your bathroom. They?re practical too, slotting into a countertop and allowing you to free up some extra space in the process.

Do I need to buy anything separately?

Yes, you?ll usually be required to purchase your tap and waste individually. This offers you the chance to choose a design that appeals to you and something that will complement the particular basin you?ve chosen.

What materials are these basins made from?

Our semi recessed basins are manufactured using a variety of different materials including ceramic, vitreous china, and fine fire clay - each of which provides you with a tough, durable surface that is more than capable of withstanding daily use. The product description will inform you of what a specific basin is made from.

How easy is installation?

It can be a little bit tricky to install one of these basins yourself and for that reason Victorian Plumbing strongly recommends that you get a plumber to carry out the work for you as this should avoid any mishaps.

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