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Quadrant Shower Trays Buying Guide


An essential part of any quadrant enclosure is of course making sure you have a good quality quadrant shower tray to support it. These trays come in a wide range of sizes so finding one to fit your enclosure should be pretty straight forward. In this guide we'll take a look at what a quadrant tray actually is and why it may be beneficial for your particular bathroom.

What is a quadrant shower tray?

Quadrant shower trays are designed to form the base of your quadrant enclosure. They feature a rounded edge to match the curvature of the glass and are ideal for slotting into a corner, saving you space.

They are normally manufactured using a stone resin which is both flexible yet tough at the same time. Some trays may use an acrylic instead.

How easy are they to install?

As with most things involving plumbing, they are easy to install provided you know exactly what you're doing. If you aren't confident then it's a task which is better off left to a plumber.

Installation methods will differ depending on the style of tray you have gone for. Low profile trays won't follow the same process as raised trays. If you are undertaking this work yourself then be careful and make sure that the tray is fully secure as it can be very dangerous if it works loose for obvious reasons. Remember to apply a good quality silicone sealant around the edges once it is in place in order to create an effective bond.

What if gaining access under my floor is difficult?

If getting access to this area is tough (say you have a concrete floor for instance) then don't worry as there is a way around it. There are quadrant trays which come with leg stands which raise the height of the shower enclosure. This then enables you to easily install any pipework without any hassle. A panel then wraps around the bottom of the tray which is used to keep the pipes hidden away from view so you get a much neater look overall.

Do they require much maintenance?

Not really. A good weekly scrub with a dedicated cleaner and a sponge should shift any stains with minimal effort. If you leave these trays for too long between washes however they can begin to attract the build-up of limescale, which can be harder to get rid of. We'd avoid using any harsh chemicals on them too as they can potentially cause permanent staining which can ruin the overall look of the tray. Also, be aware that certain hair dyes can leave marks on these trays if they aren't cleaned up immediately so this is something to keep in mind.