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Offset Shower Trays


Not only are offset shower trays there to do an important job, they also add a touch of style and comfort too. Designed to catch water from the shower enclosure and drain it away safely, offset quadrant shower trays come in a wide range of styles, colours and materials which make buying the right tray a little overwhelming sometimes.

What is an offset shower tray?

An offset shower tray, or offset quadrant shower tray as they're sometimes called, is made for offset quadrant shower enclosures. Their shape is similar to a quadrant shower tray but has a stretched or longer appearance. They come in a range of styles, sizes and materials which means you can choose the best one for your style.

How easy are they to install?

Offset shower trays are quite easy to install if you know what you're doing. We advise you seek the help of a plumber if you're not too familiar with the process.

Not all offset shower trays will have the same installation methods. If you are installing a shower tray for an offset quadrant enclosure yourself then be careful and make sure that the tray is fully secure. Use good quality silicone sealant around the edges, once it is in place, it will create a much more resilient bond.

Do offset shower trays require much maintenance?

Offset shower trays are generally simple to clean and maintain. Avoid leaving most hair dyes time to stain the item by cleaning up spills as soon as possible. A simple scrub on a weekly basis is enough to keep your shower tray looking good for a long time! Use a normal cleaner, nothing too strong, and try to wipe down after each use for best results although once a week would still be okay!