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Modern Toilets Buying Guide


If you're planning a bathroom which has a sleek, minimalist feel then contemporary styling is what you'll require. One of the key aspects of your build will be a modern toilet. There are lots of stunning designs on the market so you won't struggle to find the perfect accompaniment to your other fittings. This guide will establish what exactly is available, and whether certain options will be suitable for your particular bathroom.

Different styles

Close coupled: The most commonly found modern toilet designs. Our modern toilets generally feature smooth, unfussy lines are are built to compliment our wide range of basins. These items are very versatile in that they will suit pretty much any modern setting. There is a current trend for square toilets too, if you want a slightly more designer look.

Back to wall: These toilets look pretty similar to close coupled versions however the pan and cistern are straight to the wall, leaving a more flush fitment. Some even feature concealed cisterns which sit hidden behind the wall for a bespoke appearance.

Wall hung: If you fancy a very modern look, installing a wall hung toilet could be the way to go. These items have a unique 'floating' appearance due to the fact that they do not actually touch the floor but are instead fixed to the wall and supported by a mounting frame which is hidden behind the tiling along with the cistern for a smooth, clean look.

Things you need to know

Before you buy a modern toilet, there are a few things you need to be aware of so you know what to expect when it comes to installation.

What is included with a toilet?

It's important to know what you actually get when you purchase a new toilet, as you don't want to be ordering plumbers if all the parts you need for installation aren't present. Most modern toilets will come with a pan and cistern. Some may come with a seat too (maybe even a soft close option if it's part of a deal). Seats often tend to be supplied separately however so this is worth keeping in mind.

What isn't included?

Besides sometimes not receiving a seat, you won't usually be getting any mounting brackets or floor fixing kits with the toilet so they may need to be bought separately, as will waste or inlet pipes. However, we've added essential items to many of our modern toilets to make things easier for you; so you'll see extra bits, such as fixing kits offered once you have added an item to your basket.

So what are inlet and waste pipes?

These pipes essentially make sure the toilet will actually function, so to say they're pretty crucial would be an understatement! The inlet pipe distributes clean water into the cistern, while the waste pipe has the rather glamorous job of removing dirty water from the pan upon flushing.

A standard waste pipe will usually be around 100mm in diameter, while inlet pipes are normally around 15mm in diameter, but sizes can vary so be sure to double check before buying.

Cistern capacity

How much water can my cistern hold? I hear you ask; well the answer is usually around 6 litres with a modern toilet design. Some will hold a little less, and many toilets now have dual flush settings which allow you to be more eco-friendly. You can check the information for each toilet on our website in the product description segment for each item. Searching the manufacturer's website should also reveal how much water your particular cistern can hold.

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