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Freestanding Taps Buying Guide


If you've bought a gorgeous freestanding bath and still feel that there's something missing then we have the answer: freestanding taps. These items are fantastic if you want your setting to have a real designer touch. Now I know you probably have visions of grand traditional bathtubs accompanied by vintage inspired taps which proudly sit beside it, and you'd be right to think of them as these items are stunning and have always been popular in period settings.

However in recent times , with a trend for natural stone baths emerging, many of the freestanding taps available now feature the same sleek, modern styling found on their smaller counterparts. This allows you to turn your bath into a real showpiece regardless of its design. In this guide we'll explain the key things you need to look for.

What are freestanding taps?

These taps work in the same way as any other, however they aren't attached to either the wall or the item they are supplying water to. Instead, they are screwed either into the floor or counter top. There are numerous styles out there, and you can get freestanding taps for both baths and basins for a more coordinated feel.

If you want to add an incredibly stylish touch to the room then we definitely recommend taking these taps into consideration; however it's best to check how much room you have available first as they can take up a fair bit of space.

Are they easy to install?

Freestanding taps are not particularly easy to fit yourself if you're unfamiliar with tackling this sort of task. We would recommend contacting a professional to install them if you aren't confident in your own abilities.

Will they work with my bath?

Freestanding taps are only really suitable for bathtubs which are also freestanding. The main thing you need to keep in mind when choosing them is whether or not they will work with your water pressure. You can measure the pressure your water has by using a pressure gauge. The pressure rating of a tap will determine whether or not it is suitable for use with your system. You can find the minimum water pressure rating for each tap in the product descriptions on our website.

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