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Frameless Shower Enclosures Buying Guide


If you have a modern bathroom setting but want to create a more bespoke, designer feel then upgrading with a frameless shower enclosure is the perfect way to achieve it. Frameless enclosures work in exactly the same way as regular ones, only they feature minimalist metal frames which support the glass, giving off a sleeker look than than usual. They will suit a wide range of bathrooms, and you won't be sacrificing any practicality with them either as these enclosures can also help you make the most of your available space.

Frameless enclosures are an ideal way to make your bathroom look like something you'd expect to see on one of those fancy property development programmes. If this all sounds appealing to you, then this guide will talk you through what you need to be looking at in order to pick just the right enclosure.

Why choose frameless?

As you might expect, there are plenty of different options to choose from, so getting the exact look you want is easy!

Appearance: Well, the obvious reason for choosing a frameless shower enclosure is the fact they look stunning. If modern simplicity is something you're a fan of then these enclosures are absolutely perfect as they are created in order to allow you to achieve a sleek finish.

Practicality: Some frameless shower doors allow you to either pair them with glass side panels; or for a more unique touch, some are made so that they can be placed across the opening of an alcove for a seamless finish. Doors come in various options including hinged, sliding and bi-folding so you have plenty of choice.

Simple to maintain: Frameless shower enclosures are also easier to clean as they feature large glass panels which are easy to maintain. They use much less metal framework than regular enclosures so aren't as much of a hassle to keep looking great (face it we all hate getting those stubborn bits of grime out of the recesses in metal frames).

What tray will I need?

As the foundation of your enclosure, choosing the right shower tray is pretty important. Choose from a range of options including quadrant, square, rectangular and offset trays to complete your shower. Trays can be recessed into the floor for that gorgeous wet room look, or can alternatively be raised to your desired level, which is ideal if you have a quadrant enclosure.

Will I need leg stands and a panel?

This depends on the type of tray you have gone for. With recessed trays which fit flush to the floor they won't be needed, however if you have a hard concrete floor and don't want to cut into it, or simply want to raise the height of your quadrant enclosure, then leg stands will be ideal. They essentially lift the enclosure to your desired height, while the panels are placed around the bottom of the tray to hide any pipework which would otherwise be visible underneath due to the raising.

Is a frameless enclosure right for my bathroom?

Obviously, if you have a modern bathroom then a frameless shower enclosure will be a great upgrade. But also think about whether it is practical for your bathroom. If you have numerous people frequently using the room, or young children, then they may not be the best option as they are not quite as robust as regular enclosures. We'd also think twice about using them in traditional settings as the general style of them isn't really aimed at this market.