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Electric Towel Rails


If you're looking for an addition to your bathroom that'll provide both style and functionality then an electric towel rail could be exactly what you need. These fixtures give you a great level of practicality while also adding a luxurious look to your surroundings. In this guide we'll explain what the advantages of going electric are, and the key things you'll need to know.

Why choose electric?

There are several good reasons why you should consider installing an electric towel rail in your bathroom. Firstly, there's the practicality they offer; fitting one means that you won't need to make any modifications to your existing pipework as they run on your mains electric system. These towel rails are also very energy efficient as they enable you to adjust the temperature of the room separately from central heating radiators so definitely keep this in mind. They'll also be ideal for smaller bathrooms, providing a good level of warmth and comfort.

What are dual fuel heated towel rails?

These clever designs give you a fantastic, functional alternative. They allow you to switch between running on your central heating or electricity, offering a very practical solution. Dual fuel towel rails really come into their own during the summer months, as they can be ran separately using electricity so you can leave the central heating off until the winter, helping keep those costs down!


Due to regulations you cannot install an electric towel rail in your bathroom yourself. You'll need to arrange to have a Part P qualified plumber or electrician to carry out the work for you so do keep this in mind if you choose to go for an electric design.