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Curved Bath Screens Buying Guide


More and more home owners are installing bath screens as a stylish and practical upgrade for their old shower curtains. They come in all shapes and sizes but one is becoming very popular at the moment which is a curved design.

What is a curved bath screen?

There are two types of curved bath screens available. They're designed for different purposes so please ensure you're familiar with them before buying yours.

A curved top bath screen is a similar to an ordinary bath screen and has a stylish curve at the top corner opposite of the hinges and wall connection.

A curved bath screen is designed for a b-shaped or p-shaped bath and follows the curved design of the bathtub.

What curved bath screen sizes are available?

Curved bath screens are typically measured in millimetres (mm). They come in a wide range of bath screen widths ranging from 300mm to 1050mm although the standard sizes are between 800mm and 900mm widths. The height is usually between 1360mm and 1500mm.

How easy are they to install?

Installing a curved bath screen is usually quite easy however, if you haven't done anything like this before we advise you seek the help of a professional.

Do curved bath screens require much maintenance?

Curved bath screens are a great family choice because they're easy to maintain and even easier to keep clean. A simple wipe down after each use or weekly scrub is enough to keep your bath screen looking good for years! Using a standard cleaner is advised, nothing too strong, and try to wipe down after each use for best results.